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Jersey, we love you! From the Jersey shore to the picturesque Pine Barrens, The Garden State has so many amazing places to host your engagement sessions in NJ. Our photographers are here to fill you in on the best-of-the-best! Join us as we take a virtual tour around our beautiful state and check out some of our favorite engagement sessions in NJ. Get ready to be awed by the beauty New Jersey has to offer and prepare to fall in love with The Garden State all over again! An engagement session is a perfect way to capture the feelings of excitement and love that are happening in your life right now. We are here to share our favorite NJ Engagement session locations to help you create your perfect photo session! 

 Love Is A Walk In The Park

engagement sessions NJ

Don’t go chasing waterfalls… unless you’re up for a photo sesh! Take a look at Emilee and Evan’s breathtaking engagement photos at an NJ park surrounded by a gorgeous waterfall scene. This location is perfect for a couple that is a little more adventurous! Emilee, with her deep blue jeans and gray cardigan, and Evan, matching in jeans and a sweatshirt. explored the natural setting together. They were stunned by the woodsy backdrop around them while our photographers were stunned by their smiles! The natural beauty of the woods behind them provided the perfect scenery to focus on the authentic love between them. 

We captured them skipping rocks across the brook and stealing kisses on the gorgeous gray stones below them. Then, as they made their way along a rustic log bridge, they were met with waterfalls galore! What’s more romantic than kissing underneath a sparkling waterfall?! Our photographers made sure to snap as many photos as possible of Emilee and Evan in the serene setting. Above all, we’re happy that this dynamic duo found each other (and such a hidden gem location for their engagement sessions NJ!). Nature is the perfect setting for a unique, yet casual engagement session setting that will highlight the love shared between you and your partner. Don’t go chasing waterfalls… unless it’s with the one you love! 

Still unsure about a woodsy location? Let’s take a look at Kelsey and Bryan’s engagement session at a scenic park. Our top engagement photographers in North Jersey took advantage of capturing this duo in love and the romantic ambiance around them too. The leaves on the trees were changing all different vibrant fall colors and created a much-needed pop of color, which made the pictures come out amazing! The two of them had outfits on that perfectly complemented each other as well. Kelsey wore a super cute white short-sleeve dress while Bryan dressed in a blue button-down dress shirt and khaki pants. 

Throughout their fun-filled photoshoot, they found cute spots around the park to pose for pictures. For example, the two of them stopped in their tracks to pose in front of a gorgeous lake. It was so pretty!  Kelsey showed off her sparkly ring, front, and center, for some awesome detail shots of course! The orange-toned leaves were reflecting off the water for a beautiful touch! In addition, they stole some kisses and posed in front of the camera smiling wide. Later in the shoot, they found a tiny wooden bridge that went over the lake! Our photographers followed them onto the bridge, but don’t worry they didn’t drop the camera!  Next, the couple took photos sitting down and leaning on a tree. Bryan held Kelsey close as if he never wanted to let her go! Our photographers continued to follow the couple as they walked on the path of the park holding hands, making sure they caught a shot of Bryan twirling Kelsey. Great practice for their first dance! Overall, the day was amazing! Bryan and Kelsey were non-stop smiling and constantly laughing. The lovely park made a fantastic backdrop. There’s nothing better than taking a refreshing walk and enjoying nature with your loved one. We know Kelsey and Bryan will continue to make great memories!

New Jersey is known as the garden state for a reason, and that provides an abundant number of beautiful parks to choose between if you decide you want your engagement session to take place in one. Natirar Park in Gladstone, NJ provides a secluded bridge with a little stream beneath it that is beautiful to photograph at. The park offers towering old trees, beautiful open fields, and tall grass. It’s stunning during the day so just picture it at sunset! The New Jersey Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, NJ is another perfect place to capture your blossoming love, amid the blossoming flowers. The Garden also holds a sprawling mansion, built in the 1920’s, that adds an old-timey feel of mystery and elegance. You can even adventure inside! This location can create very unique, elegant photo sessions. There is no shortage of gardens to shoot at, and we can help you capture that perfect place in your engagement session!

In Love at Asbury Park

Engagement Sessions NJ

Un-“shore” about shooting your engagement session in NJ? Greetings from Asbury Park! Let’s check out Ashlee and Rob’s artsy engagement photos captured on the boardwalk and beaches. This adorable duo wasn’t the only one ready to get their pictures taken; they brought their cute-as-can-be puppy with them. Ashlee looked gorgeous in a black detailed lace dress while Rob looked fresh in a pair of blue jeans and a polo shirt. Also, their puppy was wearing a spiffy floral collar and we absolutely loved it! 

The three of them took the cutest summery photos in front of the vibrantly painted photo walls of the Asbury Park boardwalk and the beaches there. If you have been to Asbury, you know it’s such an artsy town that’s all about the photo ops! First, the couple posed for some candid and serious portraits on the beach and by the shimmering ocean. The sun was shining down on them perfectly, and the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue. Furthermore, the couple even got some amazing captures sitting on the rocks and spinning each other around by the water. These beach photos were just the perfect preview of what their Doolan’s Shore Club wedding photos will be like come February!

Engagement Sessions NJ

Can you say artsy?  The colorful walls in Asbury Park highlighted the dynamic, fun personalities of the couple, it fits them perfectly! Our photographers took full advantage of the art that surrounded Ashlee and Rob to create awesome captures! They especially had fun coming up with some silly poses. Peep that one photo of Ashlee showing Rob her muscles! From silly poses to romantic strolls down the boardwalk Asbury Park lent itself perfectly to Ashlee and Rob’s colorful personalities and engagement photos! We promise it can do the same for you and your engagement sessions in NJ too!

In addition to the boardwalk and art walls, Asbury Park has many more exciting activities to incorporate into your photo session. You can capture fun moments at well-known breweries, cute beach shops, and much more! Asbury Park provides the opportunity to create a special memory that will last a lifetime, and provide a special place to escape to even after the photo session is over! Asbury Park is full of rich history itself, it is the perfect place to make the history of your own.

Ocean City Sweethearts

Engagement Sessions NJ

Another photo-worthy location is without a doubt, South Jersey’s Ocean City! If it’s set to rain during your engagement sessions NJ, no need to worry! Our photographers know the coolest indoor photo ops there are. See for yourself with a look at Kayla and Mark’s Ocean City engagement photos. These OCNJ sweethearts didn’t let the rain ruin their day; instead, they took refuge in an awesome arcade on the boardwalk. Kayla wore a red top with black boots while Mark had a grey button-down on. Their outfits worked perfectly with the colorful lights in the arcade. Nevertheless, Kayla and Mark were ready to have some fun!

First, they posed for some fun photos playing skeeball. Their smiles were definitely worth more than one thousand points! Our photographers kept taking photos as they played some old-school classics until finally settling the score with some air hockey. Regardless of points, Kayla and Mark knew they’d already scored the ultimate prize, each other. Ultimately, the arcade at Ocean City gave Kayla and Mark (and even more of our couples!) an endless amount of opportunities to capture their engagement memories! Rain or shine, our photographers can’t wait to capture yours soon!

There’s a reason so many dating profiles mention loving long walks on the beach, there’s nothing as romantic as strolling through the sand hand-in-hand with the one you love! Ocean City provides the opportunity for adorable arcade photos or more serene photos along the shoreline. You can personalize your Ocean City Engagement Session to fit the vibe of you and your partner and the theme you are hoping to capture!

 City Lovin’

Engagement Sessions NJ New Jersey has beach life, wild life, and even city life! With that in mind, one of our favorite engagement sessions in NJ is Chathu and Sean’s in Jersey City. This newly engaged couple started their engagement session with stunning waterfront views! Our photographers took amazing photos with the Jersey City skyline sprawling behind them as Chathu and Sean embraced with a kiss! They even took the opportunity to snap a cute shot of them looking through one of those classic coin-operated binoculars. They looked adorable and were having fun with each other the entire time. They couldn’t stop cheesing and neither could we!

Engagement Sessions NJ

Next, our photographers took them down to a lush little garden area right outside the dazzling city. Chathu’s bright blue dress popped against the green shrubs surrounding them! Sean danced her around the park underneath the warm city sun, even dipping her in a perfect, romantic fashion. Finally, the city lovers retreated to a rustic wooden bench and shared smiles and kisses until the sun set! They even took some classic photos holding hands on an old train track. In the end, Chathu and Sean’s engagement sessions NJ provided the perfect blend of modern yet urban scenery, with the bonus of well-kept landscaping. It also provided the perfect opportunity to embrace some of Jersey City’s history and beauty that you can only find in the stunning Garden State!

This is the Season to Get Engaged

Engagement Sessions NJ

Deck the halls with festive engagement photography! Our final spot on this engagement session NJ journey lands us in Red Bank for Erika and Jason’s holiday engagement shoot. Downtown Red Bank was the perfect little town for the bride and groom to be as they danced in the middle of the street. Our photographers photographed some lovely portraits of them in front of a beautifully decorated wreath. The vibrant reds and greens on the gray door contrasted perfectly with Erika’s violet and beige plaid poncho in addition to Jason’s dark navy vest. Their portraits look like they were taken straight from a Christmas card! Everyone knows the holiday season is a time for love and joy, so it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with your partner and capture that warm & fuzzy feeling in your engagement photos. 

Jason and Erika took the opportunity to bring along adorable props as well! Our photographers snapped cute shots of them holding mugs with the words “wife” and “hubby” on them. They also held up a balloon banner that said “engaged!” So sweet! We couldn’t get enough of their warm smiles. They made our photographers totally feel the holiday spirit! There’s nothing like a little Christmas magic to get you in the wedding season spirit, right?

The pictures had an air of coziness that can only come from taking their photos in such a cute New Jersey town. They got to show off their shared love of the holiday season and one another! Red Bank is also home to the Riverside Gardens Park which provides amazing views of the Navesink River. If focusing on a Hallmark Channel home for the holiday vibe isn’t for you, there are other options to explore in this beautiful NJ Town!

Smile With Sunflowers

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Do not underestimate the beauty of a golf course. Are you dreaming of taking your engagement photos in a sunflower field? Well then, this engagement session has all the inspiration you were waiting for! Gabrielle and Ryan’s miles shining just as bright as all the sunflowers in the field during their entire photo session at Ballyowen Golf Club. Gabrielle wore a beautiful pink dress for a pop of color while Ryan had on a blue suit jacket and khakis. Ultimately, it was the perfect day outside with the sky as blue as could be and the sunflowers glowing from the sunshine. 

The couple took a stroll through the huge sunflower field together. Moreover, our best engagement photographers in NJ made sure to capture pictures of them holding hands and stealing kisses! These two even got creative and brought along an empty photo frame to hold in front of them surrounded by flowers. Such a cute idea! After their walk through the picturesque fields, they ended their engagement session with a snack from the farm there. A day spent at the sunflower field was the perfect place to take their engagement photos and also provide a mini preview to their summer wedding! 

Pop a Bottle

best engagement photographers in NJ

Wine is the perfect way to celebrate an engagement. Let’s check out Melanie and Kyle’s engagement session at a local winery! The couple spent the first part of their day looking out over a small pond, probably deciding on if they wanted white or red. 

Next, they went for a walk through the vines. Or should we say, “a dance” through the vines, as they took a moment to twirl in preparation for the first dance! Melanie looked beautiful in a salmon-colored, off-the-shoulder sun dress. Kyle complemented her perfectly in khaki pants and a blue and red plaid shirt. 

Okay, enough playing around, where is the bottle opener? It was time to pop the cork! This adorable couple sipped their way to a romantic picnic (AWWW!) Melanie and Kyle sat under the trees by the pond, laughing, talking, and, of course, “winning” (ba dum tss!) After their adorable picnic, they decided to keep walking, eventually stopping for a quick kiss under some beautiful fruit trees! They decided to sit in some rocking chairs and toasted to their future together while the sun set. There is definitely no putting a cork in their love! 

Want To See More?

Engagement Sessions NJ

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