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The Beaches and Beyond

We love Long Beach Island, and we know you are going to love it too! If you’re looking for the Jersey shore wedding of your dreams, then take a look at our favorite LBI wedding venues. From Ship Bottom to Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island is a popular location with its elegant and beachy-chic wedding venues scattered all along the sandy strip.  Thankfully, our photographers know all the best ones! Ready to escape to the beach? Let’s dive in and see what LBI has to offer for your wedding!

All The Beauty of The Jersey Shore at Bonnet Island Estate

First, the beautiful Bonnet Island Estate was created to share the beauty of South Jersey with everyone. As we can see, they definitely accomplished that goal!

Not convinced? Check out Olivia and Andrew’s August wedding photography. There is just so much to look at! First, Olivia started her day preparing with her bridesmaids, with plenty of laughs and cocktails along the way! She slipped into a gorgeous white dress, while her bridesmaids matched in stellar pink dresses. Meanwhile, Andrew was preparing with his groomsmen, looking as confident as ever! He wore a dashing grey suit, while his groomsmen wore equally cunning blue suits.

What about your summery (and sunlit!) ceremony? Bonnet Island has you covered! Peep Olivia and Andrew’s stunning ceremony space complete with rustic wooden ceilings and plenty of sunshine. What’s more beautiful than rustic mixing with a scenic beach background. Our photographers were blown away by that exquisite stone fireplace at the altar! With that in mind, they took as many photos as they could of Olivia and Andrew slowly making their way to the altar, exchanging their vows, and ultimately sharing the perfect first kiss as husband and wife. The natural light pouring into the room, coupled with Olivia’s white dress and Andrew’s baby blue tux, made for some lovely light and airy wedding photos.  

Before the celebration began, however, Olivia and Andrew snuck away for a romantic photo session. Check out the stunning shore-front first-look portraits that are possible at this amazing LBI wedding venue. What’s more perfect than a wedding with the most picturesque background? The sun shone on the Super Mario-loving sweethearts as they embraced in front of the deep blue ocean. Andrew even took the opportunity to twirl Olivia around on the rustic pier! There they shared loving affectionate kisses and really embraced their surroundings. Thankfully, our photographers were in the perfect position to snap a gorgeous picture of them with the lush marsh behind them and the tide rolling beneath them. Love was in the air, and the two couldn’t help but smile the entire time!

Next, the festivities were underway as the lovers shared their first dance as a married couple. With their loved ones watching on, it was a truly special moment between the married couple! Soon after, the rest of the guests joined in, and our Best Wedding Entertainment NJ had the people partying all night long! Along the way, Olivia and Andrew shared more special moments together, such as sharing a slice of the delicious wedding cake! Along with the cake, came some great speeches from family and friends, which perfectly capped off a beautiful night for everyone!

How much more stunning can you get? Clearly, Bonnet Island provides the perfect backdrop for your beachfront first-look portraits.

Clearly, Bonnet Island Estate aims to be the best of the best when it comes to LBI wedding venues. This venue has the best views, but it has everything included in one! We certainly fell in love with this place when we saw Olivia and Andrew’s wedding video! We don’t know about you, but Olivia and Andrew’s wedding certainly has us convinced here! PS. If you were wondering about their love for Super Mario, just check out their amazing cake! #CoupleGoals!

If you loved hearing about Olivia and Andrew’s photos, I have more for you! Molly and Allan’s video at Bonnet Island Estate was simply breathtaking. Molly started off by slipping into her stunning wedding gown with the help of friends and family. Our NJ Wedding Videographer filmed Molly as she posed in front of the beautiful water with a pretty bouquet of lovely flowers. Allan was just around the corner changing into his slick suit, anticipating the thought of seeing his fianceé for the first time.

Molly stood outside in the gorgeous field as she waited for her first look with Allan. As soon as he turned around, he could not contain his excitement as he ran to Molly and kissed her. Then, it was time for tying the knot! They had their ceremony in this rustic-looking barn with the large doors open, the sunlight making the newlyweds look even more radiant and beautiful. Molly’s entrance down the aisle was absolutely amazing as Allan watched in awe! The couple ended the ceremony with a sweet kiss and our NJ Wedding Videographer caught this beautiful moment on camera.

Afterward, the lovely couple then went outside to the dock, where they sat and shared affectionate kisses, while our videographers took candid footage of them with warm blue water in the background. Bonnet Island definitely has one of the best views for LBI wedding venues. This wedding was magical and very captivating. The views made this wedding more spectacular than ever! 

Finally, it was time to head to the reception and all of the guests flooded onto the dance floor. Allan read a beautiful letter to his wife Molly and his graceful words left everybody speechless. It was an amazing night, and this lovely place made it even more special. 

We can’t have enough of the Bonnet Island Estate’s wedding photos and videos

Sunsets and Candid’s at Brant Beach Yacht Club

Next, let’s sail on over to the stunning seven bayside blocks known as Brant Beach Yacht Club! Out of all the LBI wedding venues, Brant Beach Yacht Club is the absolute best of the best when it comes to sunset shots! Don’t believe us? Peep Heather and Noah’s November wedding photos! This beautiful couple celebrated their marriage at the Brant Beach Yacht club on November 8th, 2019. Check out that breathtaking evening portrait of the happy couple kissing on the shore. The newlywed’s candid photos on the beach are the most romantic pictures we’ve ever seen. The stellar cinnabar sunset glowing behind them provides the perfect backdrop to their passionate embrace.

On their special day, filled with excitement, Heather jumped out of bed! She took a few moments to admire the lovely gown that she would soon be stepping into. Then, she got her hair and makeup perfected and finalized with a floral crown placed on her head. Notice how Heather’s pale yellow and red bouquet contrasts delicately with the evening sky. Such a perfect capture! Joining her bridesmaids, Heather had some drinks and shared some laughs. Then, she put on the gorgeous, off-the-shoulder lace gown. Soon after, she was all ready, she posed for some photos in her gown. She really did look absolutely gorgeous!

Next, Heather met up with her groom for the ceremony. Meeting up with Noah and joining hands with him felt like the most magical moment. Both Heather and Noah felt so grateful to be in the moment getting ready to say “I do”. As a tradition, Noah then kissed the bride and they strut down the aisle together as husband and wife. 

Brant Beach Yacht Club also serves as a romantic backdrop to your wedding reception! Take a look at that fun photo of Heather and Noah entering their reception through a lovely set of white french doors.  The newly pronounced husband and wife raised their arms in celebration as their friends and family cheered them on. Right away, Heather and Noah took to the rustic wooden dance floor and shared their first dance together. Our photographers made sure to capture some completely candid wedding photos of the happy couple dancing to their special song in addition to their heartfelt father and mother dances that followed, and we can’t stop staring at them!.

It was an amazing night, and all of the guests danced and sang all night long. The memories created will last forever and the videos and photos are just a supplement to remind them of this magical day! Capturing the happy couple walking with the golden sand on their toes, and embracing each other amid their wedding dance, made for a jaw-dropping wedding album. In every photo, there were nothing but effortless smiles on all of their faces.  The Brant Beach Yacht Club has mesmerizing views and is perfect for any beach wedding. 

Overall, our photographers just couldn’t stop snapping their sunset shots at Brant Beach Yacht Club – one of the best LBI wedding venues we have ever had the opportunity to work with! 

Another wedding that we love to highlight is Amanda and Devon Brant Beach Yacht Club Wedding Photos. This lovely couple got married on April 10th, 2021 at the stunning Brant Beach Yacht Club. First, the day began with prep; Amanda’s bridesmaids helped each other get into their dresses. Then the bridesmaids helped the bride button up her captivating form-fitting dress and helped strap on her diamond-studded heels. After the final touches were complete, they were off to the ceremony.  The ceremony was held outside which was perfect views for a spring wedding and the wedding photos.

The ceremony began and the bridal party was all perfectly coordinating with their different shades of blue. Devon was standing at the altar in his dashing navy blue suit. Amanda then appeared at the end of the aisle and Devon started to get teary-eyed. The couple then exchanged their vows and were pronounced husband and wife!

This lovely wedding had the most stellar pictures. The newlyweds after exchanging their “I do’s” took to the beach. The happy couple looked stunning and the water in the background made for perfect portraits. Then, the family joined the lovebirds on the beach and got into the picture-taking mood! The groom dipped his bride with the waves in the background, making for the most romantic and intimate photo-op. 

After the breathtaking pictures, it was time for their reception. Family and friends sat around smiling and greeting each other waiting for the happy couple to enter the room. Finally, when the newlyweds entered the ballroom, they enjoyed their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Afterward, everybody joined them on the dancefloor to share their best dance steps. Finally, family and friends made memorable toasts to the newlyweds and everybody danced the night away. 

Our photographers captured their smiles and laughter along the way! This is honestly one of the most captivating LBI wedding venues. It uniquely suits every couple!


Light Up Your Wedding At The Daymark


Is there anything that screams LBI more than the Barnegat Lighthouse? Just steps away from the iconic lighthouse, The Daymark is the perfect LBI wedding venue for picturesque views of the Jersey Shore. Check out Kari and Sean’s rustic-chic summer wedding! These two lovebirds got married on June 8th, 2019 at The Daymark. The day started off with Sean, as he got suited it up in a sharp navy with a pink tie. Next, the groomsmen and Sean then made their way to the pier for some portraits with our photographers. Meanwhile,  Kari slipped on her gorgeous white wedding dress with her mother and father by her side.

Take a look at their lovely first-look photos on the wooden pier. The weather was absolutely perfect for portraits! As Sean turned around to see his beautiful bride-to-be, he embraced her with a kiss. Those two looked madly in love! Kari and Sean looked stunning, as they overlooked the ocean and lighthouse. Our photographers took a wonderful shot of them sharing a kiss with the idyllic dunes behind them.

In addition, Kari’s white and green bouquet matched the scenery behind them perfectly. However, that wasn’t the only color coordination going on! The lovers posed in front of a vintage car that matched Sean’s suit of course! Everything about their portrait session was just perfect. We can’t get enough of them!

The ceremony came next, and of course, The Daymark offers plenty of superb photo ops! The beautiful red and white Barnegat Lighthouse served as the backdrop to Kari and Sean’s sunlit ceremony. The lighthouse in the background is something that’s so unique to this venue because not every venue has one. Also, it definitely symbolizes the beach and the shore.  The scene would give you goosebumps as Kari made her way down the aisle as the live string quartet played. They exchanged vows beneath a gorgeous driftwood arch as the lighthouse glimmered behind them. Finally, Sean kissed his bride to the applause of their close family and friends. The scenery was just breathtaking! Thankfully, our photographers were there to capture the truly perfect scene as it unfolded.

Finally, the reception! The two felt electric, as they danced their first dance as husband and wife. As the friends and family surrounding them looked in aw. Kari and Sean will cherish this moment for a lifetime. Now, it was time to bring out the best dance moves! Everyone danced and laughed their hearts out. And, of course, a wedding is not complete without the crazy dance circle as everyone jumped up and down to the beat! After that, the remainder of the night featured cake cutting and many more memories!

Ultimately, out of the rest of our favorite LBI wedding venues, The Daymark is definitely one to keep an eye on for your own wedding!

Now you’re ready to start planning your own wedding near LBI! Let’s not waste more time and enjoy the magic of these beautiful places.  Take advantage of all the options available, there are many options of incredible venues with unique characteristics that will make the summer wedding of your dreams come true

You can choose between the Bonnet Island Estate, Brant Beach Yacht Club, and The Daymark. These venues are all unique in their own way. If you want the rustic look but are still on the beach, I would go to the Brant Beach Yacht Club. If you want a lighthouse incorporated in the background of your photos, I would recommend choosing The Daymark. And if you want something that is simple and classy I would commit to Bonnet Island Estate. These are just a few of the many venues that can accommodate you if you’re looking for that jaw-dropping wedding on the beach. Visit our beach wedding lookbook for more ideas! 

Craving more LBI inspiration? Be sure to check out the rest of our favorite LBI wedding venues and our gallery below! Furthermore, you can even take a look at some of our favorite summer weddings here and in our Beach Wedding Lookbook above. Whether you’re craving that Jersey Shore beauty at Bonnet Island, seeking sunsets and candids at Brant Beach, or hoping to light up your wedding at The Daymark, our team of passionate professionals is ready to help you embrace your extraordinary wedding day.

Head to the island and contact us today!

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