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We Have Pride

At Enchanted Celebrations, we are proud of the compassionate service we provide and even prouder of our unique couples. We aim to make all of our couples’ weddings and engagements as special as the love story that lead them here. Lets be real, you’ve dreamed about this moment your entire  life; we keep that face at the heart of every decision we make regarding your big day.  Committing yourself to someone for the rest of your life may very well be the easiest decision you’ll ever make; however, we understand that the world has made such a beautiful choice difficult to achieve. That’s why we pride ourselves on making wedding planning as seamless as possible for our couples, regardless if  it’s husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife.  Don’t believe us? Check out some of our favorite LGBTQ+ wedding photos (and videos!) below!


Love Always Wins

LGBTQ+ engagements are just as important as the wedding itself! Whether your spouse longs for light and airy wedding photos or desires a more dark and moody feel, our photographers will provide you with the style that speaks to you. We are thinking back to Amanda and Kiersten’s sunny engagement session in the middle of the woods. Our photographers captured countless candids of the two beautiful brides to be as they embraced with a kiss.  To see more engagement photos like these check out our other LGBTQ+ Wedding Photos!

Show Off Your True Colors

If you’re anything like us, you love the weddings that are different from your traditional manner.  We can’t get enough of the unconventional images our photographers create from our couples’ one of a kind love stories. Whatever it is that our couples want, we promise to deliver!

Don’t believe us? Check out Stephanie and Ashley’s Halloween-themed wedding at The Mansion on Main Street. Their autumnal décor included bedazzled pumpkins, colorful skulls, and even a sign that warned of “hitchhiking ghosts!” However, the most surprising part of their wedding was the arrival of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper! Yes, you read that right; they even brought their light sabers! Peep their wedding video too if you want to see their epic entrance. Clearly Stephanie and Ashley extended invitations to some of the coolest people in the galaxy. Ultimately, we’re so glad that they will be able to look back at their unforgettable wedding in their LGBTQ+ Wedding Photos forever!

Rainbow Is Our Favorite Color

Looking for some more LGBTQ+ Wedding photos? Check out Marilyn and Maggie’s gorgeous wedding Martell’s Water’s Edge. A September wedding on the water definitely has the potential to be a little chilly (gotta love that autumn breeze!); however not even the chilly air could prevent these two beautiful brides from having the time of their lives! The overcast day proved to be perfect for taking their pictures!  We can’t stop staring into the blue ocean and gray sky that served as the backdrop to all of their photos. It really complimented Marilyn and Maggie’s elegant wedding gowns that much more! We’re so happy that we could be a part of this wedding and share their LGBTQ+ wedding photos.


Quick shoutout to Jason and Ryan for having Enchanted Celebrations capture their stunning wedding videography! Their video came out so amazing; we’ve never seen a happier couple! Their sheer excitement and love for each other shined throughout the entire ceremony.  We are just so honored that we could be there to help celebrate their special day! 



Our Couples Put the Soul in Soul Mates

More beautiful brides incoming! Check out Megan and Heather’s adorable engagement session! They were taken in the fall with beautiful orange and crimson colored leaves next to a rustic barn and train tracks. Aren’t they so playful and adorable? If you’re like us and can’t get enough of these cuties, be sure to check out their wedding photos too! 

Are winter weddings more your thing? Peep Candace and Keisha’s wedding at Next Level Banquet Hall in Philadelphia! Both dressed elegantly in white, these two lovebirds snapped some pretty portraits on the bridge. Our photographers made sure to capture Candace stealing a kiss beneath their clear parasol that read “love is in the air.” We promise that love was indeed in the air as Candace and Keisha celebrated on their December wedding day.

Want To See More?

Of course you do!  If you’re looking for more LGBTQ+ wedding inspo, peep our carefully curated LGBTQ+ wedding photos gallery below! And like always, feel feel to hit us up online and contact us for even more helpful wedding planning resources. We would love to hear your unique love story (and capture your wedding too!). 

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LGBTQ+ Wedding Photos

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