Light and Airy Wedding Photos

Light and Airy Wedding Photos

Hello Light and Airy

Time to talk wedding styles! In particular, ‘light and airy.’ We can bet that you’ve totally seen this style all over your Instagram feed. It’s no surprise that this particular style continues to be on trend! What makes for those clean, effortless looking light and airy wedding photos anyway? We’ll leave it to our photography professionals to fill you in on all the secrets!

At Enchanted Celebrations, you can rest assured that our talented photographers will bring forth their own distinct style to best suit your personal tastes. From finding the most favorable lighting to adjusting the camera features, we hope this post will shine some light upon this gorgeous photography style. Say hello to light and airy to boost your wedding photo game!

All About The Lighting

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If you’re anything like us, then you appreciate all the window and outdoor lighting you can find. Let’s be real, there’s no better backdrop for light and airy wedding photos than the natural landscape. Get ready to steal a romantic kiss as the sunlight peeks through the two of you! (We’re thinking back to Lauren and Richard’s awesome sunny portrait sesh!). If an indoor portrait photo shoot is more your thing, take advantage of your venue’s natural lighting. Check out Ashlee and Rob’s romantic first look session captured right by the windows! Whatever the setting may be, our photographers will expertly gravitate to the backdrops with soft, even light to create the perfect amount of distance between you and the background. 

Time To Light Up Your Wedding Photos

No sunshine on your wedding day? No problem! Fun fact: did you know that cloudy weather makes for the best portrait lighting? (Now you know!). Sometimes, the bright sunshine can create a glare affect and overpower your images. Although the glare can be toned down in the editing process, it helps when the lighting is already perfection! As an example, peep Francie and Phil’s outdoor portrait photos taken on a chilly and cloudy December day. Take a look at how the simple white background provides just the right amount of lighting throughout their extraordinary gallery of images!



When it comes to creating those light and airy wedding photos you’re dreaming of , it lies in the technique here. All it takes is increasing exposure (more light, please!) and lowering the aperture. In addition, that crisp and even image tone is fulfilled by correcting white balance, bringing down the dark hues, and adding a touch of sharpness. We think our photographers have this technique down! 

Want To See More?

Looking for more inspiration for all things light and airy wedding photos? We got you covered! Below, our team handpicked our favorites in a gallery just for you. There’s even a few real weddings you can look through featuring the best-of-the-best wedding photos and videos. Lastly, don’t forget that you can always feel free to contact us to learn more about photography styles (download our FREE guide above!), or more about our photographers and promotions. Here’s to your love shining bright in every picture!

Light and Airy Wedding Photos

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    Brianna and Eric’s Wedding Videography at Old York Country Club

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