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ny wedding photography

New York State of Mind

New York, you stole our hearts! It’s no secret here that NYC offers amazing opportunities for taking your NY wedding photography. It’s a good thing that our city-going photographers know all the best spots to shoot in the city! 

From the heart of Manhattan to scenic Long Island, our photographers are guided by all the romantic views to capture your love story. Can you picture stealing a kiss under the glowing city sunset? How about dancing the night away inside a dazzling venue in one of the city’s tallest buildings?  If you can dream it, our photographers can make these big city dreams a reality! If you’re as NYC-obsessed as we are, keep reading!

Love in the Heart of Manhattan

ny wedding photography

Can you say skylines and sunshine? Shereen and Manuel’s summer wedding showcases it all! In the heart of Manhattan, our photographers snapped their NY wedding photography at New York City Hall every step of the way. The tall city buildings pierced the clouds above as Shereen and Manuel stole a kiss against the sprawling cityscape. Before heading down into the city streets, they took some silly photos with their adorable boys! Next, our photographers took the opportunity to capture more of Shereen and Manuel’s NY wedding photography in front of an NYPD car. No trouble here, officer, just gorgeous wedding pictures! Overall, their wonderful photos serve as the perfect introduction to what your NY wedding photography could be.

Hello, Brooklyn

ny wedding photography

As the city streets prove to be wedding photo worthy, we are crushing hard on this Brooklyn venue! Elisabeth and Jonathan celebrated their special day at The Riviera. City venue GOALS! Before taking their portraits, our photographers took some elegant shots of Elisabeth’s dress hanging from the spiral staircase just above the ebony piano. It doesn’t get more glam that that! Moving along, we captured the happy couple outside The Riviera in front of bright pink and purple flowers! 

What’s the best way to make nighttime wedding photos even more magical? Sparklers! Our photographers got the shots as their sparklers lit up the garden at night. We were absolutely stunned by Elisabeth and Jonathan’s NY wedding photography. We can’t wait to see yours!

Meet Me on The Rooftop

ny wedding photography

A rooftop first look and ceremony is totally not just for the movies. Erin and Ryan’s beautiful summer wedding can prove it! This glowing couple celebrated their marriage at the glamorous Penthouse 808 in Long Island. The NYC skyline provided the most romantic backdrop as Ryan got his first glimpse of Erin looking flawless in her dress. He took her by the hand and gave her the sweetest kiss the city has ever seen! Our photographers couldn’t stop shooting the smiling sweethearts as they embraced on the rooftop. How could they with such a stellar view of the New York City skyline?

Are you loving those skylines, city streets, and rooftop views as much as we are? How about your sneak peaks at the top city venues? The inspiring city scene is just waiting for the next NY wedding photography to capture (like yours!).

Want To See More?

Let the city vibes continue! Below, we rounded up a few of our favorite weddings in the city that never sleeps. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about NY wedding photography and our promotions. Let’s photograph your dream NYC wedding!

NY Wedding Photography

    Best WeddingWire NY Wedding Photographers

    Verona and Shawn’s Wedding at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

    Congratulations to Verona and Shawn on their fantastic fall wedding! The two tied the knot on September 22nd, 2019 at 1 Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. Our Best WeddingWire NY Wedding Photographers were there for every precious memory throughout!   To begin the day, Verona prepared with her bridesmaids. She wore...Read More
    best of weddingwire NY photographers

    Elisabeth and Jonathan’s Wedding at Riviera Brooklyn

    Congratulations to Elisabeth and Jonathan on their September wedding! They tied the knot on September 20th, 2019 at Riviera Brooklyn in Brooklyn, New York. Our best of weddingwire NY photographers captured all their pictures from beginning to end!  First, the bride got prepped with her bridesmaids by her side....Read More

    Stephanie and Justin’s Wedding at Liberty House

    Congratulations to Stephanie and Justin on their beautiful wedding at the stunning Liberty House in Jersey City, New Jersey. Our North Jersey Wedding DJs kept the party going all night with the couple’s perfect wedding playlist.  First, Stephanie began her day with her gorgeous bridesmaids all in their adorable...Read More

    Kelley and Michael’s Wedding at Jericho Terrace

    Congratulations to Kelley and Michael on their special day! The two said “I Do” at the stunning Jericho Terrace on July 3rd, 2019! Our wedding photographers in NY were able to capture the entire amazing event.  The bride started the day by getting ready with her bridesmaids. The ladies...Read More

    Erin and Ryan’s Wedding at Penthouse 808

    Congratulations to this beautiful couple, Erin and Ryan, on their marriage! They recently celebrated at the amazing Penthouse 808 at the Ravel Hotel in Queens, NY. Overall, their wedding had all the NYC wedding inspiration you could ever dream of! To begin the day, Erin and Ryan both got...Read More

    Fatima and Saddik’s Wedding at Grand Oaks Country Club

    Congratulations to Fatima and Saddik on their recent marriage! Their picture-perfect wedding day was held at Grand Oaks Country Club in Staten Island, NY. First, our NJ Wedding Photographer artistically captured the morning bride and groom prep! Fatima began her day at home getting her hair and makeup done to...Read More

    Colette and Gerard’s Wedding at Above Rooftop

    Congratulations to Colette and Gerard on their marriage! Their gorgeous city wedding was held at Above Rooftop in Staten Island, NY. First off, Colette and her favorite ladies got ready together dressed in their embroidered robes. With a tall glass of champagne in hand, the girls were so excited...Read More

    Shereen and Manuel’s Wedding at New York City Hall

    Congratulations to Shereen and Manuel on their recent marriage! Their journey to happily ever after started in the heart of Manhattan. Shereen and Manuel were surrounded by their loved ones to celebrate their special day. Our NJ Wedding Photographer focused his shots on Manuel finishing up the final touches to...Read More
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