Philadelphia Engagement Session Locations

Let’s Hit The City Streets of Philadelphia 

Are you ready for your city engagement session but unsure where to begin? You cannot go wrong with the artsy photo ops that Philly has to offer! Over the years, our photographers have traveled to all the best Philadelphia Engagement Session Locations, so of course, we have to share them all. Join us as we take a virtual walk-through trip all over the gorgeous “City of Brotherly Love” (and marriage!) to show off the hottest spots for engagement photography in Philly!

Gotta Love LOVE Park Portraits

It’s only right that our first Philadelphia engagement session locations to show for has the word love in the name: LOVE park. What’s not to love about this location?! It’s no surprise that many of our couples chose this iconic spot to pose the day away. Peep Bridget and Jason’s adorable captures posing beneath the stellar sign. Don’t their crisp white outfits along with the cloudy gray sky and city buildings make the bold red letters pop with their big smiles? So gorgeous!

Afterwards, our photographers snapped some cute pictures of them posing all around the city, even in front of city hall! We found out very quickly that the happy couple just couldn’t stop stealing kisses all around the stunning center city! Our photographers were beyond happy to follow Bridget and Jason around the square in order to successfully capture what their love was all about. Above all, if you are taking engagement photos in Philadelphia, LOVE park is definitely a must!

Museum-Worthy Captures At The Philadelphia Art Museum

If artsy is your style, then this photo location is for you! Let’s check out Meghan and Phil’s museum-worthy captures at The Philadelphia Art Museum. This Philadelphia engagement session location was just perfect for these city-going sweethearts. First, our photographers snapped them sitting on the grand steps outside the building. Meghan looked lovely in a white floral shirt while Phil was wearing a cozy red sweater. The rustic (and historically rich) building behind them helped to drive attention to their sweet smiling faces. We honestly can’t get enough of them!

In addition, our photographers took some breathtaking pics of Meghan and Phil from a far in front of the stunning sculptures that surround the Museum. The perspective between them and the colossal statues provided a limitless amount of opportunities for some really incredible photos. Clearly, The Philadelphia Art Museum provides all of the opportunities you need for adorable portraits and even some creative and dramatic photos, too!

Magical Moments at Magic Gardens

We all need a little magic! Trust us, you absolutely need to see Enrica and Matthew’s artsy engagement session at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. This whimsical park is by far one of the coolest Philadelphia engagement session locations we have ever seen. First and foremost, take a look at the happy couple wandering through the breathtaking tunnel constructed of entirely curious objects. Enrica and Matthew gazed in awe (and so did we!) of the eclectic collection of random items surrounding them!

Later, our photographers snapped some shots of the cute couple on a gorgeous set of stained glass steps before embracing  in front of a magnificent myriad of mirrors. Once again, our team was inspired to capture some really creative and dramatic photos of Enrica and Matthew’s reflections in the glass. The photo ops here are just never-ending! We couldn’t stop capturing all of the magical moments between Enrica and Matthew at The Magic Gardens!

Breathtaking Photos Beneath The Ben Franklin Bridge

Moving right along, let’s check out Kaitlyn and Matt’s stunning spring engagement session under the famous Ben Franklin Bridge. This is a Philadelphia engagement session location that many soon to be couples can easily forget about. However, we promise it makes for some pretty amazing and unique photos, no matter the time of year! Our photographers took photos of the happy couple kissing while the Ben Franklin Bridge sprawled across the Delaware in the distance. Their sweet smiling faces popped perfectly against the cloudy sky behind them, driving all the focus on their passionate embrace. 

Fun fact: did you know that there are TONS of cherry blossoms trees near the Ben Franklin during the spring? Well, our photographers took full advantage of that! They snapped some exquisite shots of Kaitlyn and Matt holding each other in front of the pretty pink petals of the fully bloomed cherry blossom. Their photos just take our breath away! Ultimately, if you love those light and airy vibes like they do, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on taking breathtaking photos beneath The Ben Franklin Bridge!

Love Is Brewing In The City

There are plenty of meaningful and unique Philadelphia engagement session locations scattered all around the city! Peep Brittany and Chris’ brew-tiful engagement photos at Goose Island Beer Company to see what we mean. This local Philly joint was the perfect spot for the fun-loving couple. Our photographers snapped some sweet pics of Brittany and Chris sharing a drink in front of some rustic looking barrels. Chris was sipping a darker beer while Brittany enjoyed her light variety. Regardless, they were definitely having an enjoyable time together. PS: just look at the size of those glasses!

Next, they stole some cute kisses in front of the quaint company’s sign. The way Chris extended his body over the table to reach Brittany’s lips almost mirrored the goose extending it’s beak in the logo behind them. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Goose Island Beer Company provides a barrel’s worth of unique photo opportunities for your engagement photos.

Want To See More?

There’s always more fun Philly engagement photo inspiration to see! Be sure to check out even more Philadelphia engagement session locations as well as our gallery full of our favorites! Whether you’re looking for a bustling city landscape backdrop, or an artsy museum scene, our Philadelphia engagement session locations are sure to inspire you. Contact us today to find the perfect ambiance for your city engagement photos!

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Philadelphia Engagement Session Locations

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