Philadelphia Engagement Sessions

The City of Brotherly Love (and Marriage!)

Philly, we love you! This multi-cultural city is rich with art, history, and of course, LOVE. For this reason, our happy couples cannot get enough of Philly (and neither can our photographers!). With all of the artsy photo ops that the city has to offer, Philadelphia engagement sessions are all the rage these days. From impressive monuments and landscaped gardens to stellar cityscapes and picturesque piers, our photographers know the best-of-the-best places to shoot your Philadelphia engagement sessions!

philadelphia engagement sessions

If you’re scoping out all the Philly scenes to pose for your engagement photos, we can help! Check out a few of our favorite Philadelphia engagement sessions (and we promise that you’ll be feeling the Philly love too!).

Love at Love Park

Philadephia Engagement Session

You already know that there’s lots of love to go around here! If you’re sticking to the classics, you cannot go wrong with taking your engagement photos at the iconic LOVE park. This is exactly where our photographers shot Bridget and Jason’s Philadelphia engagement session. Jason looked fresh dressed in a white button-down shirt and deep blue jeans while Bridget looked fierce in a white striped dress and brown wedge heels! Then, they struck some sweet poses right in front of the LOVE statue.

Love was clearly in the air (and behind them, obviously!) when Jason stole a quick kiss from his bride-to-be! However, there were plenty of kisses to follow as they made their way around the city. Our photographers shot them smooching near a fountain, in a romantically lit alleyway, and to top it all off, in front of City Hall! Their undeniable love was captured perfectly throughout their Philadelphia engagement session photos. Another engagement session that we found so romantic was Rachael and Evan’s Philadelphia engagement session. These lovebirds couldn’t take their hands off each other in the city of brotherly love. Standing under the LOVE sign, the happy couple shared little kisses. Rachael’s blue dress went perfectly with Evan’s blue button down and khaki pants. The couple then walked hand in hand and stood on the sidewalk with city hall being an amazing backdrop for this Philadelphia engagement session. Evan could not keep his eyes off his bride-to-be. Venturing off to a gazebo, Evan swept Rachael into his arms and planted a kiss. It felt like a scene out of a movie. You could honestly feel the love oozing off these pictures. Read more about their romantic day in the city and get ready to fall in love! If you want a classic city spot that shows how much you love each other! This is the spot. You can’t deny the love that this couple shows in this photo. 

From the Ben Franklin Bridge to the Ballroom

Philadephia Engagement Session

Another share-worthy Philadelphia engagement session is Kaitlyn and Matt’s at The Ben Franklin Bridge! These two cuties got engaged just in time for spring. Hello, cherry blossoms! Matt looked handsome in a pale blue button-down and black pants while Kaitlyn rocked a gorgeous jade dress. He spun her around gracefully and stole a kiss with the bridge sprawling into the horizon fog (so romantic!). First, the couple walked along the path (holding hands, of course!) and were met with breathtaking cherry blossom trees. Our photographers took full advantage of this stunning floral backdrop below the Ben Franklin Bridge. In addition, the glowing couple was captured embracing below the bridge on the pier.

Aren’t cherry blossom trees just the most perfect springtime backdrop? Combine that with the city and you have the perfect duo! If you love cherry blossoms and light and airy photos like these, be sure to check out the rest of Kaitlyn and Matt’s Philadelphia engagement session photos before their big day is here at Philly’s Tendenza Ballroom!

If you think the Ben Franklin Bridge is stunning in the afternoon. Just wait until you see the bridge at night! If you want nighttime photos in Philly this will be a perfect location. You can’t forget the fact that this bridge has views for days.

Magic Moments at The Magic Gardens

Philadephia Engagement Session

In case you needed a little magic to break up your day, we got you! This photo location is totally another idea to add to your Philadelphia engagement sessions list. Next up, we have one of the most magical (literally!) Philadelphia engagement sessions to share at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. Enrica and Matthew began their artsy photo sesh by wandering through an alleyway completely constructed with fun mirrors and cool art! From recycled bottles to bicycle wheels, a whole host of whimsical items surrounded the two of them as they explored the scene together hand in hand. They were in awe of all of the art around them; however, our photographers were in absolute awe of their love for each other! If you didn’t know what Magic Gardens is, it is a gallery space filled with all the unique art. As they made their way through the gardens, Enrica and Matthew stole some sweet kisses on a stunning mosaic staircase and even twirled each other around a colorfully tiled courtyard. They had so much fun together coming up with the silliest poses. Their laughter was contagious! Later, they arrived at an intricate mirror collage. Our photographers made sure to get these photo ops in and snapped some awesome portraits of their reflections in the mirrors. We just couldn’t stop taking pictures…because they couldn’t stop smiling! Take a look at their photos and read their full story on our blog. We promise you’ll feel the magic!


Lindsay and Jason’s Philadelphia engagement session was also extraordinary. Taking full advantage of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens for their engagement photos. Lindsay coordinated perfectly with her husband-to-be with matching black jackets and matching black doc martens (so cute!). The unique art that surrounded them made their photo session look so magical and simply stunning. The lovebirds walked through a secret mosaic tile tunnel and our photographers captured Jason bending over to give Lindsay a long everlasting kiss. This couple took full advantage of  the Philadelphia Magic gardens to capture their first pictures of being an engaged couple. Our NJ Wedding Photographer couldn’t stop smiling watching this couple being deep in love. If you would like to read more about Lindsay and Jason’s lovely Philadelphia engagement session, head over to our blog. This place would also be perfect for the winter because it has an indoor art gallery. We know Philadelphia can get cold. The art as a backdrop in the photo will not let you down. But don’t forget there is a place outside!

philadelphia engagement sessions

On The Water

Here is a great location that you must go to! It is the Boathouse Row And The Fairmont Waterfront. The Boathouse at night can’t be matched. The location consists of century-old boat houses that are timeless. Just when you think this can’t get any better, Fairmount is not far and it has views that last for days. The Fairmount is a three in one you can get the Boathouse in the photo but also the Art Museum. Check more out here Philadelphia engagement sessions

The Fairmount location has a gazebo that would be perfect for engagement photos. It looks right off to the water. Just imagine this location in summer when the sun just hits this spot just right or in winter when it’s snowing. It’s a place that can change with each season.  This place is a great mix of everything in Philly. It has history and beauty all in one. It also has a stunning water fountain. If you are not sure about this location yet just wait to see the path leading up to the jaw-dropping view. Imagine you and the love of your life on Boathouse Row, with boats passing, and the most beautiful houses in the background. Perfect for an engagement photo session, I know!  You will not regret coming here for photos.


Eye on the prize 

You can’t forget about the famous steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum!  This location was seriously the perfect preview to their PA wedding! Philly, of course, offers such amazing photo ops no matter where you are. Above all, the historic and rustic art museum building was a beautiful backdrop for all of their pictures. Imagine having your engagement photo session in the same place Rocky ran up the steps in that famous scene. That is not something everybody can do! Check more here Philadelphia engagement sessions 

The couple was looking just as picture-perfect! Meghan wore a cute floral blouse with jeans and tall black boots. Meanwhile, Phil had on a red sweater, jeans, and dress shoes. The two of them took full advantage of the picturesque steps leading up to the art museum to sit down and strike their poses. They had their eye on the prize (tiger!). In addition, they got some awesome shots of Phil twirling his bride-to-be (practicing those dance moves for the wedding, probably!).

In a few of their engagement photos, you could spot the Philly skyline with the city buildings. So perfect! Meghan and Phil brought along with them a large towel that read, “Maternity BVM Class of 2005.” They took portraits holding it high and even wrapping themselves with it. Having this for their engagement photos must have been really meaningful to them, and was a unique touch. 


Grab A Brew They’re Saying I Do

If you thought you could only get monuments and history in Philadelphia. You thought wrong! Take a look at Goose Island Brew Company in Philly. It won’t let you down. This might be your typical spot for engagement but just look how perfect they turned out for Brittany and Chris! At this location, you can work while playing and that’s exactly what the couple did!

The couple posed in front of the bright Goose Island sign while of course, sipping on cold beers together! They looked so effortlessly candid and adorable in every photo. Furthermore, the beer kegs made for a creative backdrop to surround this lovely couple in love!

Later on, our PA Wedding Photographer ventured off with them outside to walk around the town alleyway to capture more memories. In particular, Brittany and Chris took photos standing with the artsy photo wall at WeWork on Hancock Street that read, “Do What You Love.” As you can clearly see, love was definitely BREWING all day long for these two cuties!

Leave a little sparkle you go

Here are some tips on what type of jewelry you should wear during your engagement shoot! One thing for sure: you need that wedding ring that you were proposed to. This is a great opportunity to showcase that ring off more! The saying “less is more” really fits in for taking photos. You don’t want to be swarming in jewelry.  Check more things here Philadelphia engagement sessions

If you are thinking about wearing a piece of jewelry maybe think about picking one piece that stands out to you! Something that you can look back on and not regret. With a location like Philadelphia, the building and that backdrop will also be your jewelry! 

Looking at Lindsay’s and Jason’s Philadelphia engagement session,  our photographers captured Lindsay’s very unique engagement ring. Her ring was a black gem which is not that common among brides, but was absolutely stunning. Also their matching outfits were not “too much” and instead of looking cheesy, they looked so cute! It’s also important that your jewelry and the couple’s outfits fit well with the environment you’re shooting at! Since Lindsay and Jason shot at the Philadelphia Magic Garden. Their outfits blended in well with the unique art that surrounded them. 

As a whole, Ashley and Robert’s engagement photos were full of unique Philadelphia artwork.  This created a very fun and alternative vibe, and each of them wore  Aztec patterned sweaters to help match it. To start off, they posed outside of an old apartment building. The building had words painted on it that said “see me like beautiful I see you”. There were several quotes with similar themes throughout their engagement shoot. On another similar-looking building, there was a painting with two hands joined together that said “to have and to hold”, and another that said, “hold tight”. 


You Can Weather This Together

If you are thinking about a perfect location for engagement photos all year long. Think about Philadelphia. Philly gets all four seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

For Winter engagement photos don’t be afraid to bundle up. This is a great place for big luxury coats. you want your background to fit the vibe of the photos. If you are wearing a short-sleeve shirt while it is snowing the photo perspective will change.  Layers are worth it even if you can’t see!  You can put leggings under your jeans and you won’t even see them. Check more ideas here for Philadelphia engagement sessions

For Spring and Fall, Philadeplhia has beautiful outdoor locations just remember to schedule accordingly. You don’t want to do it on Spring break when there are large crowds. For Fall the city of brotherly love is absolutely gorgeous. With the leaves changing colors, and the trees are that perfect emerald green, and it’s starting to be less hot, which makes for perfect engagement photo sessions. 

Summer is the perfect time in Philly. The greenery is just perfect. The flowers are smelling heavenly but beware of the heat. Although Summer has a lot of perks, the heat may show up in photos. But you are only taking photos for an hour or two and the end product is worth it. 


Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Perfect Engagement Photos!

Philadephia Engagement Session

Finally, let’s take a bite out of Alyx and Thomas’s “pizza-perfect” Philadelphia engagement photos! Our photographers found these two sweethearts the best spots around the city to take the cutest candids together. First, they started their engagement session off with pizza and wine. Honestly, what’s better than that?! Alyx, dressed in a fabulous black dress, and Thomas, in a white button-down, enjoyed their delicious pepperoni pizza and wine together. Our photographers snapped some silly shots of them feeding each other a slice and clinking their glasses together. Their adorable smiles made our photographers want to raise a glass with them!

Next, our photographers followed Alyx and Thomas as they posed around the superb city scenery. They snapped some shots in front of a gorgeous set of rustic doors.There were even string lights hung across the top! Also snapping photos of the lovebirds walking hand and hand on the cobblestone alleyway. While walking they just couldn’t stop touching each other.  Thomas took the opportunity to kiss his bride-to-be on the forehead. Finally, our photographers took photos of Alyx and Thomas embracing some of Philadelphia’s most historic, rustic buildings. To top it all off, Thomas lifted Alyx in the air and planted the most perfect kiss on her lips. Did this Philadelphia engagement session steal a  *pizza* your heart yet?!


The best color in the world is on you

If you want to know how to do engagement photos right, keep reading! You might be asking what are the best colors to take photos in. Well here is the answer for you. You want to wear while taking photos are neutral colors, cool colors, and pastel. Why must you be asking? You want your love for one another to show more than the color you are wearing.   

Here is a picture of Kathleen and Bruce who are pictured on train tracks. They took their engagement photos during fall in Philly. They both are in green which fits the season but also is a neutral color. They both look comfortable and stylish! Check more out here for Philadelphia engagement sessions 

The happy couple took a stroll together down the pier surrounded by the vibrant fall leaves changing colors. The path led them to a train track, which was a unique photo background to switch up the scene. They walked down the train tracks together and grabbed each other by the hand to steal many more kisses! When it was time for another photo background change, Kathleen and Bruce ventured off under the bridge and even some art murals on the city streets for fun portraits. The happy couple stood in front of murals and Bruce picked up Kathleen. They looked so in love! Of course, there’s always time for coffee! They ended their engagement session with a stop at an adorable little coffee shop.

Since we went over what you should wear here is what you should NOT wear. This might be obvious but you want to feel comfortable so don’t wear anything that might not be. Sometimes photoshoots can last up to a few hours, and I can tell you that you don’t want to be walking around Philly (any location) in really high heels. Another one is to try to avoid logos and certain patterns. We don’t want your engagement photos to look like an ad! Last one you don’t want to wear fluorescent colors that can take away from the face and hair area. These are important because we care about your enjoyment during the shoot.  We want you to look at these photos in the future, and remember an easy-going photoshoot with the love of your life.

Want To See More?

philadelphia engagement sessions

There are more Philly photos waiting for you to discover! Be sure to check out the rest of our Philadelphia engagement sessions in our gallery below for even more inspo. You can even read about more of our couples, too! Peep Meghan and Phil’s engagement session at The Philadelphia Art Museum or check out Brittany and Chris’ Philadelphia engagement session at Goose Island Beer Company. In the end, Philadelphia is a picture-perfect city for engagement session photography that you’ll cherish forever. Check out ideas for your engagement photo shoot here. Our photographers can’t wait to snap yours soon!

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