Sussex County Conservatory Wedding Photos and Videos

Sussex County Conservatory wedding photos

About Sussex County Conservatory

Located in North Jersey’s very own Sussex County lies this beautiful Conservatory and Fairgrounds! Only one hour away from the bustling streets of NYC, this quaint garden venue hosts weddings and other social events. Outside, there’s plenty of room (145 acres worth – to be exact!) to celebrate your private event among the stunning landscaping, pavilions, and barns. However, you may also take advantage of the Eco-friendly indoor space for your ceremony and reception, holding a maximum capacity of 250 people. Also, the Conservatory allows you to choose your own vendors and also works closely with three caterers. Check out their site for their expert recommendations and more about catering! Here at Enchanted Celebrations, it’s a privilege for our team to capture Sussex County Conservatory wedding photos for our clients. It’s no surprise to us why couples fall head over heels for the Conservatory! Together, let’s escape to a garden oasis.

Love in Full Bloom

What is a wedding like at Sussex County Conservatory? Let’s be real, it’s pretty difficult to not feel all the love that blooms like all the vibrant flowers here! Can you picture having a romantic first look session or tying the knot surrounded by breathtaking florals? How about a fun photo session in a garden paradise? Look no further than The Sussex County Conservatory for your dream garden wedding! No matter the time of year, Sussex County Conservatory wedding photos are a dream at this rustic greenhouse wonderland. In the early morning, you and your wedding party will be treated to a private dressing room to get all dolled up to perfection. Later, you can have the opportunity for portraits with a relaxed country setting backgrounds and nature scenes. Just think about all the candid photos you can take with the love of your life and your loved ones! 

As portrait sessions are nothing short of magical here, a wedding ceremony is no different! Furthermore, you can tie the knot in front of your dear guests with picture-perfect greenery all around you. Your ceremony aisle will lead to a gorgeous white gazebo where you will say your vows and seal them with a kiss! Of course, you can tie in your wedding theme with fun colors (and more flowers!) to decorate. 

Following a gorgeous garden ceremony comes a cocktail hour and a night of celebrating! You can bet that the reception space at the Conservatory is the perfect rustic scene your special night needed. Dance the night away under the romantic chandeliers and glowing spotlights. The mahogany walls, natural wood, various windows, and country-inspired tables will leave your guests spellbound! The abundance of natural light in this reception space is absolutely incredible. You better believe that you’re getting the best photos ever! The sophisticated and simplistic design of the building is a gorgeous working template for more of your own decorations, too.

Unbe-leaf-able Weddings

Are you ready to read about some real weddings? Trust us when we say they are pretty unbe-leaf-able! All of our client’s Sussex County Conservatory wedding photos and videos highlight all of the beautiful features of this venue. Let’s dive in to see the true love growing!

First up, Mary and Andrew’s wedding is totally share-worthy! This incredible couple got married at Sussex County Conservatory back in September of 2018. As you can easily tell from their Sussex County Conservatory wedding photos, the early fall was such a stunning month to have a wedding there! Following this couple’s memorable ceremony, the newlyweds spent the afternoon taking amazing pictures showing off the gardens and more. Finally, it was time to take the party indoors on the wide-open dance floor! Guests joined in and enjoyed the rest of the night’s festivities together inside the gorgeous reception room at the Conservatory. Our team adored capturing all these beautiful memories!

Like Mary and Andrew’s wedding, this next one is sure to wow you with every photograph! Afshan and Manuel’s Sussex County Conservatory wedding photos portrayed a glorious outdoor ceremony, portraits, the reception, and the details in between. The bride’s detailed, bedazzled gown shined just like the serene scenery and lush gardens did.  Later on at the reception, Afshan had a quick outfit change to her white gown, all ready to dance with her loved ones all around her and Manuel. They ended their evening with a slice of their delicious wedding cake, made complete with roses and baby’s breath, of course!

Caught on Video!

As our NJ Wedding Photographers were able to get fascinating shots of Afshan and Manuel’s wedding, our NJ Wedding Videographers teamed up as well! Their video transformed the details from their day into a movie-like masterpiece. Likewise, Aliceth and Ronald have a gorgeous video to cherish for the rest of their lives from this venue! Throughout their video, the couple was shown getting married and celebrating their reception inside the Conservatory. The room and dance floor looked extraordinary as the couple “danced on a cloud” during their first dance. How much more of a dream wedding can you get?! We were so happy to be a part of this beautiful celebration.

We featured another wedding at the Sussex County Conservatory through an amazing video at Victoria and Sean’s Wedding Videography at Sussex County Conservatory! This wedding turned out to be spectacular, all thanks to the Sussex County Conservatory for having such a beautiful venue. Everything from the beautiful outdoors to the jaw-dropping venue where the reception was held. Victoria and Sean couldn’t have done a better job with styling and decorating everything. It looked magnificent! We are so happy Victoria and Sean picked Enchanted Celebrations and the Sussex County Conservatory to be part of their special day.

Last but not least, Jennifer and Daniel’s wedding had us in our feelings celebrating these two college sweethearts! These two first met while going to college at Rutgers University, and today they are happily married! After tying the knot, they were ready to break it down together on the dance floor. The rustic ballroom was complete with string lights and simple roses. All that was left to do all night was dance, hear the heartwarming speeches, and enjoy the delectable food and drinks! 

Recently engaged? Look No Further!

The Sussex County Conservatory is a beautiful place if you are looking for the best scenery for an engagement session. What’s better than celebrating your recent engagement than capturing the moment with a gorgeous backdrop? The Sussex County Conservatory acts as the perfect place for an engagement session, and we are totally here for it! 

Take a look at Jessica and Dave’s Engagement Session here at the Sussex County Conservatory. The photos came out unbelievably perfect. The wooden bridge in the Conservatory played such a scenic role for this couple. Even though there was no need for a boost in proving this couple’s excitement to get married, the scenery sure did enhance it! What made the photos even better was the fact that this couple got engaged in the fall! The yellow and orange leaves falling from the trees and onto the ground were magnificent. Jessica and Dave are so excited to get married and spend their lives together as Mr. and Mrs. The photos say it all!

Want To See More?

Are you a succa for a garden wedding just like the ones we shared? (We totally are, too!). If so, you definitely want to read these full wedding stories below for all the inspiration you need and more! Overall, our team of amazing NJ Wedding Photographers or NJ Wedding Videographers could not have captured the beauty of these weddings without the awesome staff at the Conservatory! We hope to return for many more special occasions in the future. Until then, be sure to check out our consistently updated Sussex County Conservatory wedding photos and videos below! 

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To book your wedding venue with the Sussex County Conservatory, contact them at 973.948.5500 or visit them on their website ( 

I can promise you that you won’t regret your choice in choosing us for your wedding needs. Here at Enchanted Celebrations and the Sussex County Conservatory, we take pride in offering exceptional services to our bride and grooms. Please do not hesitate to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

Sussex County Conservatory Wedding Photos and Videos

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