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Capturing All The Beach Weddings

Dreaming of a beach wedding? We totally sea why you are! It’s no surprise that beach weddings continue to be a popular option for wedding ceremonies and capturing romantic portrait sessions. With the picturesque skyline overlooking the water and sand, there is one NJ beach on our minds to have your beach wedding, Long Beach Island! This gorgeous shore paradise is home to many beautiful towns such as Surf City and Beach Haven. In addition, Long Beach Island offers popular attractions such as the famous Barnegat Light House. Here, at Enchanted Celebrations, we are so happy to have traveled to various beachy wedding venues located in Long Beach Island for our client’s weddings. Our amazing Wedding Photographers in LBI have captured each of these couple’s dream beach weddings, and yours could be next! Before you scrunch your toes in the sand and stand together hand in hand, there are a number of factors to consider. From timing to color schemes, you’ll understand what it takes to have the beach wedding you always wanted and more!

What’s behind every successful beach wedding? Professionals in the field who have done it before! When working with wedding photographers, food vendors and other companies, be sure that they have past experience with handling the art that is a beach wedding. To be certain, don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for references. For example, you could ask Wedding Photographers in LBI to see photos of beach weddings that they have taken before for insight.

Location is Key

Where exactly on the beach can you actually host your ceremony? Won’t there be other beach-goers? Many couples assume that they can chose any area next to the ocean. After all, there is plenty of space, and the ceremony may not take very long at all, right?! However, if a couple were to ask Wedding Photographers in LBI, the real truth would come out quickly that there are rules and requirements in selecting the precise location. To begin, there are strict state laws to consider as well as regulations concerning whether the wedding will take place on public or private land. Furthermore, many beach owners can be particular about having a wedding in close proximity to their section on a beach. Don’t worry, one of the best ways to find the optimal location for your beach wedding is to ask about the rules ahead of time, so there are no surprises!

All In Good Timing

Timing really is…everything! The time of day, as Wedding Photographers in LBI can attest to, will influence the overall atmosphere of your wedding scene. A wedding during the late morning or early afternoon can create a calming, peaceful ambiance. In contrast, an early evening wedding is also a great option for the perfect sunlight lighting on the water! Whatever you decide on, keep in mind your own desires and consider the rest of your timeline.

In addition to the daytime vs. the night, the time of year can make or break your beach wedding! Peak beach season in the summertime features gorgeous weather, however, it’s also the most crowded time with travelers. Be sure to check with your wedding planner to see if you can make your beach wedding a bit more intimate and private. Good news is, spring and fall are still gorgeous times out of the year to rock that beach wedding! You’ll get to enjoy the cool ocean breeze and free yourself a little from the crowds.

Keep It Simple!

Wedding Photographers in LBI

It’s no secret that the beach creates an elegant, serene scene in its own right, so you can totally get away with having minimal and simplistic decorations. However, giving your wedding a pop of color or a touch of neutral tones can add a little something special! In addition to the colors, themes are also a fun way to tie in your personality and style. Just to give you a few ideas, a nautical, tropical luau, or under the sea theme are always winners! Communicate your colors and/or themes with Wedding Photographers in LBI, so they are fully prepared when it comes time to capture all the beautiful details.

Meet Our Wedding Photographers in LBI

Need a little more beach wedding inspiration? (You know who to call!) We were not kidding when we said that we have worked at many wedding venues in LBI. As we are consistently updating our photography portfolio below, we thought we’d mention some share-worthy weddings across the beach towns there.

If you’ve been waiting to see awesome beach portrait sessions, don’t miss checking out Brenna and Ted’s wedding! Despite the clouds in the sky, there was no raining on their gorgeous photos taken by the ocean and the sandy dunes. Following the fun beach photo sesh, they celebrated their reception at The Seashell Resort and Beach Club in Beach Haven, NJ with their loved ones. The dance floor was glowing all night long just like their beach photos did!

As you can see, Beach Haven was a beautiful venue choice for Brenna and Ted. Nearby, Morgan and Kevin’s wedding took place at Brant Beach Yacht Club. We totally had to share this one because their beach portraits had the best of both worlds before and after the sunset! They came out so beautiful no matter the time of the day, and made the happy couple shine in two different ambiances.

Last, but definitely not least, let’s focus in on a wedding that was celebrated at the incredible Daymark in Barneget Light, NJ. The newlyweds, Kari and Sean, posed in front of the gorgeous Barnegat Light House on a perfect summer day. The decorations at their wedding venue even tied in some light house-inspired details and beachy colors!

Want To See More?

Wedding Photographers in LBI 

Did we leave your heart somewhere on a beach? (We’re right there with you!). Stay updated on our client’s beach weddings at LBI’s stunning venues. For further information on Wedding Photographers in LBI or promotional offers, check us out on our site.


Wedding Photographers in LBI

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