Winter Wedding Photos and Videos

Winter Wedding Photos

Walking in a Winter Wedding- Wonderland

Baby, it’s cold outside, and we can’t wait to see the snow! 

Have you ever thought about celebrating your wedding during the wintertime? As the warmer months out of the year are popular for weddings, the winter season often gets overlooked. However, it is seriously SO underrated! Just think about those outdoor portraits surrounded by the glow of Christmas lights or the snowy grounds. When it’s time to warm up, head inside and start by breaking a sweat on the dance floor! 

At Enchanted Celebrations, we have helped tons of our beautiful brides choose the perfect season for their perfect wedding.  Of course, we have also celebrated numerous weddings for our loving couples during the cozy season and captured incredible winter wedding photos and videos to show for it. From chic color palettes to trending venue locations, we hope this post will have you warming up to winter weddings! Let’s take a look at our favorites!

Let It Snow Winter Colors

winter wedding photos and videos

Say hello to dusty blues, silvers, and sparkle galore! Pairing these more quiet hues with the snowy outdoors will take your winter wedding to the next level. If your winter wedding photos and videos seem like they were taken at the North Pole, then you’re probably doing this color palette right! 

Let’s take a little wintry trip back to Jamie and John’s December wedding at the gorgeous Bradford Estate. Jamie began her special day by getting ready with her bridesmaids all dressed in lilac. First, our Wedding Photographer captured the lovely ladies around the bridal suite relaxing on white couches. Also, the bride was pictured holding up her white and pink rose bouquet beside the window, which perfectly showcased the blanket of snow outside! Finally, Jamie was led by her girls to meet her future husband for his first look to see how beautiful she is! During their first look, a blanket of snow covered the grounds and lightly dusted the winter trees. Talk about romance!

Then, John took one look at Jamie, and he fell in love all over again! Our Wedding Photographer had a gorgeous wintry landscape during the outdoor portrait session for awesome photos while John and Jamie held onto each other to keep warm. Next, it was time for everyone to make their way out of the cold to begin the ceremony celebration! As guests were waiting for the ceremony to start, they were having fun and playing games of air hockey and pool. At the altar, a beautiful Christmas tree from the outdoors could be perfectly seen through the large windows. Just like that, it’s official for these two lovebirds! Jamie and John walked down the aisle hand in hand and led guests in for the rest of the night’s festivities.

The blue, silver, and gold decorations added to the overall winter vibe for this December wedding! Our team captured the smiles, dancing, and overall great time all night long. The happy couple even had their guest sign a puzzle piece board surrounding their names. How cute!

If you loved that story as much as we do, go and take a look at their amazing wedding photos. But hey, let’s first meet another couple to know their stunning winter love story.

Now, if you’re thinking that there’s just a snow way that a wedding could get even more magical in the winter, Melissa and Richard’s wedding videography has a unique story to tell! These two cuties got married at The Mansion on Main Street. As if this venue could not get any more elegant, the picturesque snow filled the air (just like their true love did!). 

The day started with Melissa getting ready with her bridesmaids. They all were getting ready with hair and makeup for Melissa’s big day! The girls couldn’t stop smiling at our Wedding Videographer as they were getting ready for the big moment. Then, they were ready to head off to the ceremony so that Melissa and Richard could finally become Mr. and Mrs!

Richard was patiently waiting for his beautiful bride at the altar. She was walked down the aisle by both of her parents and she looked so stunning in her white beaded dress! The couple finally got to say their vows and kiss for the first time as husband and wife. The very happy newlyweds were then ready for their reception!

The bridal party began to enter the reception and the last to enter the room was the very in love Melissa and Richard. Everyone was up and moving on the dance floor the entire night! Our Wedding Videographer captured all of the precious moments of the night so the couple can enjoy them forever!

Yes! We are completely in love with their wedding video! Did you already see it? We assure you are going to want to start planning your winter wedding immediately! 

 All Things Merry and Bright

May your winter wedding photos and videos be merry and bright! Mackenzie and Jarrod emphasized their love for all things merry and bright with their Christmas-themed wedding colors at Smithville Inn. This wedding venue always decks the halls and lights up their village for the holiday season. Mackenzie’s maroon and ivory flower bouquet paired with the rest of the emerald holly, shimmering lights, and other details in place, created the perfect mood to tie the knot. 

First, the beautiful bride kicked off her winter wedding by getting her hair done as well as her shiny makeup at the Sublime Hair Boutique. Nearby, Jarrod was also freshening up with his groomsmen in preparation for the wedding.  Next, Mackenzie received special gifts from her bridal party and got glamour shots taken by our NJ Wedding Photographer!  After all the pre-wedding prep was completed, the lovers were ready to meet each other at the end of the aisle.


The ceremony was filled with holiday cheer and  Christmas vibes all around! Once the guests took their seats, it was time for the bride to make her way down the aisle. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the romantic first look of Jarrod seeing his bride. His eyes truly lit up when he saw her. Then, after the couple sealed the deal, it was time for the reception!

To kick off the party, the couple toasted champagne flutes! Later on, our NJ Wedding Photographer photographed guests having a blast on the dance floor!  Overall, the wedding was truly amazing, and we are grateful to have been a part of such an unforgettable night! 


Speaking of venues that decorate for the holidays, add this one to your list of dream winter wedding venues. If you thought Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ was only meant to be a summertime getaway, think again! Nicole and Paul’s wedding will show you how this great venue can provide Christmastime magic and sparkle too. The venue featured candy cane pillars, holly, wreaths, and of course, Christmas lights!

Cape May’s historic Congress Hall was decorated for the Christmas season making it a great scenario to tie the knot! Nicole’s red and green bouquet matched the decorations perfectly. Before Nicole put on her magnificent gown, our Wedding Photographer captured it hanging from the doorway surrounded by vibrant green holly. After that, Nicole and her girls got ready together, while Paul was with the groomsmen in another room. At last, it was time to begin the ceremony that everyone was waiting for!

The lovely ceremony took place inside a church that was decorated with poinsettias and of course, more festive lights! Our  Wedding Videographer made sure to record everything from Nicole’s walk down the aisle, their vows, and their passionate kiss. After the couple was officially wed, they took holiday portrait shots around Congress Hall. 

Finally, the reception party began! Guests were in for a treat with our  Wedding Photo Booth taking memorable captures that will last forever! In addition, our wedding DJ got everyone on their feet with classic and romantic songs. The checkered dance floor and chandelier were so inviting for guests to dance all night! Nicole and Paul spoiled their guests with delicious appetizers, signature drinks, dinner options, and of course, an amazing cake. 


So…are you team cool, icy tones or rich and bold festive colors? Maybe a little bit of both? Since the winter already brings us holiday colors like reds and greens, take full advantage of that for your own winter wedding photos and videos!

Keep it Classy

Winter has the perfect weather to be all warmed up in classy and elegant outfits, and what best occasion to look dazzling that your wedding day? Exactly! It’s time to put in all your bright accessories and a shiny veil that this season is made to glow! You don’t believe us? Take a look at Kasey and Dominick’s spectacular wedding! Earlier this year, on January 22, 2022, this beautiful couple tied the knot at Park Chateau Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick, NJ. We love this place because it’s one of the most romantic venues in New Jersey to celebrate your special day.

Every detail of Kasey and Dominick’s big day seemed like a fairy tale. First, the bride took from her closet the beautiful white dress that made her look like a princess. Once ready, she went down the elegant marble stairs to surprise her fiancé with her wedding dress. The groom was waiting for her excitedly, wearing a black tuxedo that made him look very handsome.

Since they were in one of the most romantic venues in New Jersey, the beautiful couple took the opportunity to take fantastic photos with their family and friends in every corner of the facilities, to capture the best memories of their wedding day.

The ceremony was impressive. First, the groom entered smiling and applauding, while the guests cheered him on. Then the bride entered and the whole room lit up. Finally holding hands, Kasey and Dominick were declared husband and wife, sealing the deal with a movie kiss.

The reception was in a spectacular room, decorated with white flowers, candles, and a four-tier cake. The newlyweds entered hand in hand, ready for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs., under an elegant chandelier that hung from the ceiling. Midway through the party, Kasey and Dominick slipped away to take advantage of the outdoor spaces of one of the most romantic venues in New Jersey. Now they have the most beautiful photos to treasure these moments forever.

Following that same line, we have Danielle and Julian’s glamorous NY wedding! The sweet couple tied the knot at Windows on the Lake in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, on February 27th, 2022. Our talented NY wedding photographers were thrilled to capture their magical day! 

The big day began with preparation. Danielle got her hair and make-up done before slipping into her beautiful long sleeve, lace wedding dress. Meanwhile, Julian looked dapper in his red velvet tuxedo with black lapels and black bow tie. Afterward, the bride and groom spared a sweet moment holding hands without seeing each other! Our NY wedding photographers did a great job capturing these magical moments as they unfolded.

Moments later, family and friends gathered around for their big day. Danielle’s radiant face lit up the room as she walked down the aisle! The bride and groom exchanged their meaningful vows and performed the knot-tying unity ceremony to symbolize their everlasting unity. They sealed the deal with a loving kiss and finally were pronounced husband and wife! 

Next, it was time for the reception! After their romantic first dance, the newlyweds cut into their three-tiered white cake adorned with flower decorations. Later, all guests were happy to get out of their seats and celebrate the newlyweds on the dance floor! At last, Danielle changed into an elegant white dress and spent some time together with Julian for nighttime portraits. 

Once again, congratulations to Danielle and Julian! Thank you for letting our NY wedding photographers be part of your special day. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! 

Don’t Let The Cold Stop You From Celebrating!

We know it’s cold outside, but we also know that we have adorable winter outfits waiting to be shown off! Let’s celebrate with our loved ones, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that winter has to offer. This is what Cecelia and Bryce did at their captivating wedding! This gorgeous couple tied the knot at the Pen Ryn Estate in Bensalem, PA, on March 13th, 2022. Their Pen Ryn Estate wedding photography turned out splendidly thanks to our talented photographers. 

On the big day, Cecelia got ready in comfy pajamas before slipping into her dazzling off-the-shoulder dress. Later, she surprised the bridal party with her wedding look. This Pen Ryn Estate wedding photography captured the bridesmaids’ sweetest reaction upon seeing the bride; they were astonished by the beautiful bride! 

Following their first look, the happy couple explored the picturesque landscaped garden and historical library for intimate portraits before tying the knot. When it was time for wedding party shots, Cecelia put on the faux fur jacket to stay warm between poses. The bridesmaids donned stunning taupe dresses paired with cozy patterned wraps; they all looked fabulous in this Pen Ryn Estate photography. The ceremony was held outside in the courtyard of Pen Ryn Estate. To make their day even more special, the couple honored Cecilia’s grandfather to officiate their union; it was a beautiful moment to witness! Before they even knew it, they said “I Do’s” and sealed the deal with a passionate kiss!

Finally, the reception began! Cecelia and Bryce made their big entrance and shared their romantic first dance under the magnificent chandelier. After the toasts, the newlyweds cut into their four-tiered white cake and fed each other a bite; Cecelia even playfully smeared frosting across Bryce’s face! At last, friends and family joined the newlyweds on the dance floor to dance the night away and ended the night with a perfect sparkler send-off.


Want To See More?

Now you’re ready to start planning your own winter wedding! Let’s not waste more time and enjoy these beautiful snowy days. Take advantage of all the options available, including the colors and beauty that this season already offers in its own right!! You will be able to choose from a wide variety of incredible venues with unique characteristics that will make the winter wedding of your dreams come true.

Don’t miss out on taking a look at our favorite winter wedding photos and videos below. You can always feel free to contact us to learn more about winter weddings (download our FREE guide above!), photography, or our promotions!

Our professional photographers and videographers can’t wait to be part of your big day and capture exciting moments for you to cherish for years to come! Let the snow be a part of your perfect celebration, and let’s start planning your wonderful winter wedding!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you, and enjoy seeing your beautiful winter wedding photos and videos!  Let’s get in touch today. Contact us here

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