djs in toms river at a wedding

Enchanted Celebrations covers a wide range of services for Staten Island weddings, so do not be surprised when you can get a few different services in the same area for an affordable price all together. This will allow you to search in one area, and work with one business who can give you your services for the Staten Island wedding you’re going to have. Enchanted Celebrations knows your Staten Island wedding is important so find out what they can do for you.

Enchanted Celebrations covers the beautiful with their wonderful photographers, and photo packages to choose from for your Staten Island wedding. Want more live action to look at from your Staten Island wedding? Enchanted Celebrations has you covered there as well with their videography services. You do not get the boring documentary like video, but rather a high quality disc that reminds you more of a DVD than anything. Do not think this is enough? Enchanted Celebrations doesn’t think so either. Say you want to get married by a minister, but not in a church? Enchanted Celebrations has those as well for your Staten Island wedding.

Anyone say music? You do not want your Staten Island wedding to go without music, so why not look into hiring one of our DJ’s to help liven the Staten Island wedding up through Enchanted Celebration’s DJ packages. You can find so much and more through Enchanted Celebrations, so why not give them a peak when it comes to getting these services, and the most for your wedding no matter where in the NJ/NY area you are.

Find out more information about Enchanted Celebrations and getting them at your Staten Island wedding visit them online. If you would like to talk to them in person then stop by their establishment, or call them to set up a home consultation at your own time and totally free at 1 888 268 7420.