Arielle and Henry’s Wedding Videography


Congratulations to Arielle and Henry on their recent beautiful South Jersey Wedding! This couple tied the knot at the wonderful Smithville Inn in Smithville, NJ. 

But first, coffee. The bride and her bridesmaids got their hair and make up done to perfection as they sipped on their coffee out of their cute matching mugs! I don’t think our NJ Wedding Photographer captured one photo where Arielle wasn’t smiling ear to ear! You can easily tell how genuine the love is that Arielle and Henry share. The bride slipped into her wedding dress and finished her look with a floral head piece that complimented her bouquet so perfectly. Her bridesmaids were so thrilled seeing her first the first time all dressed in white! 

Waiting patiently on the other side of the bridge was her husband-to-be, Henry. With a tap on his shoulder he turned, and in that moment he couldn’t hold back the tears of joy from running down his face. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was able to catch all of the real overflowing emotions from these two. 

A high five and a kiss was shared after these lovebirds said their vows and their “I Do’s” It was an amazing outdoor spring ceremony. The flowers were blooming and the sun was shining, everything was just as it should be. The reception was a night to remember! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there as the couple ran through their bridal party who made a tunnel for their arrival, it was so special! 

Congratulations, again, to Arielle and Henry. We wish you much happiness, adventure, and of course love!