Danielle and Ryan’s Wedding Videography



Congratulations to Danielle and Ryan on their beautiful wedding! This lovely couple tied the knot on November 17, 2017 at the Atrium in West Orange, New Jersey. This incredible day will most definitely never be forgotten by this couple and their loved ones. 

Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the bride’s gorgeous dress hanging from the window with the light gleaming through to accent its beauty. Her gown was nothing short of flawless. They also photographed very special moments, such as the bride getting ready for her big day in her white silk robe and posing with her bridesmaid and mother. Between Danielle’s jewelry, dress, and veil, everything just sparkled, and that was truly shown in the photos.

Danielle and Ryan were surrounded by the people that love them most on their special day. Our NJ Wedding Videographer  made sure to capture the first look of the bride on the patio, where Ryan patiently waited for his stunning wife to tap him on the shoulder. This moment was unforgettable for both the bride and the groom and Ryan looked at his new wife in complete awe and joy.

 The reception was beautifully decorated with colorful lights that set the mood for the evening and formed a celebratory atmosphere for this couple. Our NJ Wedding DJ had everyone out on the dance floor enjoying themselves to celebrate the bride and groom!

Congratulations again, to Danielle and Ryan on their amazing wedding and we are honored to have been part of your special day! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!