On your wedding day, it’s your day to shine. No matter how you decide to style yourself, you’re going to look stunning. We wanted to pick out a couple of our favorite hairstyles just to give you some “hairspiration.” Hopefully one of these brides, who were all photographed by our NJ Wedding Photographer, can help you identify which direction you would like to go in, such as curly, straight, pinned-up, or down. If by the end you’re still not sure, you may want to attend a FREE Rock The Aisle Bridal Show, which most include a fashion show.


1. You won’t have to worry about your hair being in your face if you pin it all back! Add some curls to give the look more volume.




2. Side swept hair is a flattering look on everyone! Add some deep or lose curls and you will be ready to turn heads.




3. Whether your hair is long or short, soft curls always help to complete your glam look.




4. Who says you have to have tight curls? Loose curls look just as great.




5. You can braid it, twist it, and even add a headband!




6. Another side swept style, but you can also make it appeared layered by tucking the front!




7. You can pin it up and add in a beautiful accessory.




8. Show off your long tresses with soft waves.




9. You can never go wrong with curls!




10. If you’re looking for volume, curls and a pinned-up style with a bump are definitely the way to go!




11. Go big with this elegantly loose, pinned-up style.




12. Why not add a braid to your pinned back hair?