This past weekend was an amazing weekend for events. Between Friday and Saturday we had 5 events and sent out a total of 16 team members to cover all of the places needed. Every event ran smoothly with no hiccups whatsoever. This weekends geographic reach spanned from Lakewood, Cape May, Philadelphia, Manahawkin, and Somers Point. I think the best part of this weekend weren’t the events themselves, but the fact that I, the owner developed a strong professional relationship with all of our clients beforehand. To me, a key to my company’s success is to take the time to do the relationship building between my clients and myself.


If you are one of our competitors reading this post (and I know who you are) please remember, “If you don’t take care of your customers, we will!”


If you would like to learn how Enchanted Celebrations is all about building customer relationships and going the extra mile to make our customers happy, please go online to or call Alex directly at: 609.618.7302.