Congratulations to this gorgeous couple, Adriana and Neil, on getting married! It was November 30th of 2019, when these two celebrated their wedding at Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ. It was Clarks Landing Yacht Club Point Pleasant wedding videos that marked the day so they can treasure it forever.

For the ceremony, they have come together in the church to officially bind their love and vow to be faithful to each other forever. As the couple exited the church, they had this elicit glow upon their faces. The entire wedding was so beautiful, but the most exceptionally beautiful part of the wedding, was the bride. In her perfectly fitted lace gown, Adriana could not have looked more beautiful. Accenting her ensemble, she wore a white faux fur shawl for warmth on this winter day. Adriana created the perfect imagery of an Ice Queen even though she radiated warmth. As well as the bride, Neil looked amazing in his blue tuxedo.

Finally, all moments of greatness must come to an end. The night grew old and it was time for cake and one last song to wrap up as the guests made their exits. As for Adriana and Neil, they knew it was only the beginning of a lifetime of greatness. They were excited for what all of their tomorrows were to bring! Adriana and Neil hope for nothing more than to grow as they go. May you relive your wedding memories through our Clarks Landing Yacht Club Point Pleasant wedding videos and forever hold the spirit you had that day!

Lastly, congratulations, again, Adriana and Neil, on your fabulous wedding! It was our pleasure to capture you and your guests all day long! Thank you, for having us join you all on this amazing day!

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