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A great congratulations is to be extended to this beautiful couple, Sarah and Brendan, on their marriage! On November 9th, 2019 the couple became husband and wife. With all of their friends and family, they celebrated at the Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ. The Merion wedding photos and video documented the day to be kept to remember, always.

Sarah and Brendan have taken two hearts, two souls, and two families into the precious circle of love called marriage. Brendan could not have been more excited to marry his beautiful and sweet bride. His eyes lit up as he turned around to see his bride for the first time. There are many similarities that this couple shares. However, their favorite parts of each other are the new doors and opportunities of growth that they have offered each other. From the words of the groom, “Life is beautiful, amazing, majestic, and short, and I cannot wait to spend mine with you”, his love and excitement couldn’t be more clear. Thanks to the Merion wedding photos and video, we were all able to experience their beaming love for each other.

Sarah doubted that she would ever find someone as amazing as Brendan. Now, Sarah sheds a tear of joy when she realizes that she has found this great person to spend the rest of her life with.  Love has this great way of changing one’s entire perspective and life. In sum, Brendan and Sarah have both granted each other with opportunities to grow with each other. All in all, these two people are better together than they could have ever been apart.

Once more, congratulations, Sarah and Brendan, on your marriage! We wish you both a marriage full of ongoing love and growth! Thank you, for having our team join you and your guests at your amazing wedding!