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Congratulations to Alex and Phillip on their gorgeous wedding at The Madison Hotel in Morristown, New Jersey! From their morning preparation to their evening reception, we captured every incredible step along the way in their The Madison Hotel wedding videos.

First, the bride and groom began their mornings by reading sweet letters handwritten from one another. Alex read her letter while slipping into her beautiful white dress. Her bridesmaids helped her lace up the dress in addition to her glittery golden sneakers. They sipped orange cocktails as Alex got ready for her big day. Meanwhile, Phillip opened up his letter while his groomsmen helped him tie his teal bow tie. Then, he put on his navy suit jacket and finally his silver watch. Being able to see their sweet smiles as they read each others letters in their The Madison Hotel wedding videos is just touching. We are grateful that we got to share those intimate moments with them.

Next, it was time for their splendid ceremony at the Kirkpatrick Chapel. Phillip couldn’t keep his eyes off Alex who made her way gracefully down the aisle. She wore a floral crown around her head and held a rose bouquet. The perfect bride and groom then exchanged their personal vows. Then, they sealed their marriage with a passionate kiss. Afterwards, Alex and Phillip, now husband and wife, made their way to The Madison Hotel for their romantic reception.

Their arrival at the breathtaking atrium was met with applause. Alex, Phillip, and their entire wedding party danced the night away under a canopy of  colorful lights. Thank you to Alex and Phillip for letting us capture their unforgettable experience in their The Madison Hotel wedding videos. They truly welcomed us, and their complete wedding party, to their happy and blissful forever.