Congratulations to the lovely Alexandra and Chad on their gorgeous wedding held at Lucien’s Manor located in Berlin, NJ. To start off, our Lucien’s Manor Wedding Videos captured the groom’s first look at his bride!

She was adorned in a beautiful, white gown while holding a unique bouquet of purple and white beaded flowers! Chad wore an enormous smile on his face while he admired his new bride. Soon after, the bride and groom gathered with their families and bridal parties for portraits. Lucien’s Manor’s grand staircase and warm neutral walls gave a perfect backdrop for these photos! After everyone created their best photographs, it was time for the ceremony!

The venue offered an elegant room filled with crystal chandeliers, white marble floors, and grand crown moldings! As Alexandra walked down the aisle,  Our Lucien’s Manor Wedding Videos documented the admiring gazes of family and friends! Everyone watched in awe as Alexandra and Chad declared their love and commitment to each other with vows. They officially tied the knot with a passionate kiss!

Following the ceremony, everyone made their way to the reception celebration. The room was adorned with champagne-colored drapes, chandeliers with warm lights, and white and violet  flowers! Of course our Lucien’s Manor Wedding Videos  recorded the wedding party’s kind words for the bride and groom. After the newlyweds cut their lovely cake, everyone danced the night away in pure bliss!

Once again, congratulations to Alexandra and Chad! It was a pleasure to spend this special day with you!

Lucien's Manor in Berlin NJ

Lucien's Manor in Berlin NJ