Congratulations to Ashley and Chris on their recent marriage! They celebrated this wonderful event on October 19th, 2019 at the Farmstead Country Club in Lafayette Township, NJ. Our North Jersey Wedding DJ’s were there to provide the party throughout! DJ Bill’s playlist had the people dancing all night long!

Before the celebration could begin, Ashley and Chris spent the day preparing for their big moment. Once they were ready, the two made their way down the aisle, shared their vows, and capped it all off with a big first kiss as newlyweds. The crowd erupted with joy, as the moment was simply precious! After the ceremony was complete, it was almost time for the celebration to begin. The venue was nearly ready, and our North Jersey Wedding DJ’s were preparing the perfect party for this wonderful couple! Then, the guests made their way to the venue, and the party was officially on!

The venue looked absolutely beautiful, with elegant lighting, and a big dance floor for all the guests to enjoy! Once the guests had arrived, the couple shared a first dance as husband and wife, and with their loved ones watching on, they captured the perfect moment! Once the dance was complete, it was time for the rest of the guests to join in, and the festivities were underway! DJ Bill and our North Jersey Wedding DJ’s prepared the perfect playlist, featuring plenty of dance hits for everyone to boogie down to, alongside some slow songs that made the night even more special! Guests from young to old couldn’t help but join the fun, and the celebration was simply unforgettable!

Congratulations, once again, to Ashley and Chris on their magnificent wedding! Thank you for allowing us to partake in your special day! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

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