Congratulations to Kelly and David on their summer wedding! The couple got married on August 17th, 2019. Their wedding was held at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our Philadelphia wedding videographer captured all their memorable moments on tape!

First, Kelly prepped for the big day! Meanwhile, David was putting on his suit. Then, Kelly put on her long white laced wedding dress and veil with a gorgeous white flower in her hair! The bride’s bridesmaids were wearing light green dresses with different style tops. The groom put on his dapper black suit with a black tie and white handkerchief. After that, the bride and groom took adorable pictures. Our Philadelphia wedding videographers took amazing videos!

Then, it was time for the ceremony!  All of the couples’ family and friends took their seats. After that, Kelly made her way down the aisle, to the love of her life! Next, the couple said their vows and exchanged their rings. Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for, David kissed the bride! Then, the newlyweds walked hand in hand out of the ceremony!

Next, it was time to celebrate the bride and groom at their reception. Kelly changed and put on a long burgundy dress with a gorgeous top and head piece! Next, the couple walked hand in hand down the busy streets of Philadelphia. Then, Kelly and David made their way into the reception room and had their first dance! After that, everyone joined in on the dance floor! Next, their close family and friends gave their touching speeches. Then, the newlyweds had everyone surrounding them with sparklers outside! Our Philadelphia wedding videographers videoed the whole wedding from beginning to end!

Congratulations, again, to Kelly and David on your wedding! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

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