Fall In Love…But Don’t Fall Into These Costly Traps!

wedding photography cost in nj

OMG…there could be sneaky traps to booking wedding photography?! There sure can! As the overall wedding photography cost in NJ depends on a variety of factors for your own wedding, you can never be too careful (or too early!) to save as much cash as you can. We all want to save a little without sacrificing quality, right?

Our team at Enchanted Celebrations understands how overwhelming it can be to shop around for a professional photographer. That’s why we designed our promotional packages to accommodate all budgets, visions and styles. In addition, we keep in mind that every couple has their own individual wants and needs, so of course, wedding photography cost in NJ should be just as unique! Before it’s time to fill up those wedding photo albums, let’s make sure that you don’t fall into the costly traps.

1. A Second Photographer: Yes or No?wedding photography cost in nj

Do you have a larger guest list? Does your venue offer a lot of space for guests to roam around? If so, a second photographer is recommended for full coverage. However, there may not be a need to splurge on an additional photographer for weddings with a smaller group and space!

2. Not Using Your Photographer’s Time Wisely

wedding photography cost in nj

It’s all in the timeline! Are you hoping to have a first look session? What about bride and groom prep? How long is your reception, and do you want your photographer to stay till the very end? All of these are just a few examples of added time that you will be paying for. Discuss with your partner what details are most important to capture, so you can get the most out of your photographer’s time (and you have all the dream photos on your shot list!).

3. Late In the Booking Game

wedding photography cost in nj

The early bird totally gets all the perks when it comes to getting the best wedding photography cost in NJ! Start your research and price shopping early on, and don’t be afraid to ask your wedding planner questions!

4. The Season Tells All

wedding photography cost in nj

Hello winter wedding discounts! The time of year that your wedding date falls on affects every service that you book. Thinking summer or early fall? As you’re researching, keep in mind that a wedding date during peak wedding season (depending on geographic locations!), can alter the price more than you probably think!

Feeling a little refreshed now? We hope so! These common service pricing mistakes can be evaluated and even avoided to keep your wedding photography cost in NJ within your price range. With careful research and early action, you’ll have all the beautiful wedding memories of your dreams captured in no time!