Bahamas Wedding Photographers

Bahamas Wedding Photographers


With extravagant destination weddings being the latest trend in the wedding industry as of 2016, we here at Enchanted Celebrations are taking our photographers global. From Paradise Island to Nassau, we specialize in destination weddings specifically set in the Bahamas. Enchanted Celebrations strives to give clients access to all of our trusted and professional Wedding Photographers, but at the destination of your choice. As a company that is already known for our extreme commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re going above and beyond to make sure that clients can get the same standard of professional and perfected photos from our Bahamas Wedding Photographers while enjoying their tropical seaside wedding day in the Bahamas as well.

With your wedding day being one of the most glamorous and special days of your life, selecting a Wedding Photographer who lives up to the standards of your beautiful Bahamas venue is something that may be challenging. We understand that you’re already juggling many aspects of planning your destination wedding, so leave the job of ensuring your photos will really capture just how perfect your day really was to us at Enchanted Celebrations. We make wedding photography easy and eliminate any chance of you settling for mediocre Bahama resort photographers along the way. Don’t sacrifice timeless photographs from your big day in exchange for a beautiful destination wedding venue when you can have it all with Enchanted Celebrations.

Bahamas wedding photographers

Our qualified and flexible Bahamas Wedding Photographers consistently produce quality wedding photos that leaves Enchanted Celebrations at the top of the list of New Jersey Wedding Photographers. We decided it was time to take our photographers to the next level. Any of our equally talented photographers are eligible to be booked and prepared to travel to the Bahamas to photograph every minute of your special day. Not only do our photographers make themselves fully available for questions, concerns, or even just to chat about their photography style, but each Enchanted Celebrations photographer has an online biography and  portfolio available to clients. Using our “Meet Our Photographers” tab, you will discover a stress free and timely way to decide which of our photographers is best for you on your big day.

At Enchanted Celebrations, it is our policy to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to create each client’s individual dream wedding photos. With a shot list and an ongoing conversation about the timeline of your big day set in stone long before you take off for the Bahamas, we can guarantee that there will be a photographer there and ready to shoot everything from the beginning preparations of the day to the last dance. Our continuously happy clients can say that we deliver exactly what we promise when it comes to top-notch photography. Having years of experience in the wedding industry, we understand that each couple is different. We appreciate variations in photography style, anticipate the challenge that comes with each different wedding, and never fail to exceed client’s expectations.


If you want transparency and reliability when it comes to your destination wedding, Enchanted Celebrations might be the right wedding company for you. As soon as you express interest in our Bahamas Wedding Photography Package, we’ll visit your residence for a complimentary consultation, absolutely no strings attached. We offer consultations every day between the hours of 9:00AM and 9:00PM, weekends included. Allow us to make your Bahama wedding extravaganza as easy and stress free as possible.

If you’re looking to begin planning your dream Bahamas wedding day,  call us at Enchanted Celebrations for more information and to schedule a free consultation. We’ll be sure to make your wedding as beautiful and vibrant as you’ve always imagined it being, no matter the location. Call us now for more details about our top of the line Wedding Photographers and check out our Bahama Wedding Package here. You won’t regret it!

Bahamas Wedding Photographers