best wedding videography packages in NJ

Let’s Go Price Shopping


Shopping around for a videographer yet? Yes! Unsure of what to really look for when it comes to the perfect package? Guilty! (Don’t worry, we’ve got the spoilers.). First off, the best wedding videography packages in NJ are ones that offer the most for your money, right? As your movie-like video is so unique to your love, it makes sense that a customizable package you decide on should reflect that as well!

At Enchanted Celebrations, all of our promotional packages are designed for couples who are looking for flexibility and customization. With options to add on popular features and all the hottest trends in video, the classic combinations are endless! If you’re up for a fun shopping spree, soon you’ll learn just what to look for when price shopping for videography

Tell Me What to Look For!


Scoping out the best wedding videography packages in NJ comes with a little research and understanding what’s most important to you as a couple. After all, price shopping for wedding videography should be as easy as sitting back and watching it with the one you love!

That’s why at Enchanted Celebrations, we offer three videography packages to chose from. Each one of these distinct packages include 6 hours of coverage, 1 professional videographer, raw footage digital download, and a 3-5 minute highlight edit digital download. In addition, your high definition video features an unobtrusive shooting style and a full-time professional editing staff. With this as your template for even more awesome add-ons, your video will be as timeless as your love story!

Oh yes, those awesome add-ons we mentioned…there’s plenty of ways to bring your style to the table! Be on the lookout for videography packages that provide favored add-ons like drone footage, different editing styles, downloading options, video highlight songs, and more. Lastly, we cannot forget about the storytellers behind the camera telling your story (and making price shopping all worth it!).

Shopping Time Before Story Time


Before you can watch your video love story play out, you’ll want to step up your shopping game first! The best wedding videography packages in NJ thrive in being unique, just like your one-of-a-kind wedding. When the final song is played during your reception to close out your special night, the memories you have are just waiting to be re-visited. Let’s shop the day away!

best wedding videography packages in NJ