Congratulations again to Amanda and Tom on their wedding! The two tied the knot at the Blue Heron Pines Golf Club on a perfect June day! The gorgeous couple’s Blue Heron Pines wedding photos and videos came out amazing!

Brides and Weddings is a website as well as a magazine, that offers inspiration for other future couples. Brides and Weddings features spectacular weddings, Amanda and Tom’s wedding can be found under the title, “A Perfect June Day” on their website. 

First, the bride began her big day getting ready with hair and makeup with her bridesmaids. After, it was time for a drink! They popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate this special day. Next, the beautiful bride slipped into her white gown with its multi-layered skirting and sparkling bodice details. Afterwards, it was time for the first look! 

Tom waited anxiously to see his soon to be wife for the very first time. Once Tom turned around, he let out a smile and Amanda could not help but to wipe away a couple tears of joy. The Blue Heron Pines wedding photos and videos were the perfect addition for everlasting memories for years to come.

Finally, time for the moment everyone has been waiting for, the ceremony! The ceremony was beautifully decorated with a gorgeous white alter. The couple laughed and cried while sharing their heart felt vows and then finally said “I Do!” After, friends and family cheered on the couple as they made their way to the reception.

At the reception, the couple along with their closest friends and family danced the rest of the night away in celebration of love.

 Congratulations, again, to Amanda and Tom on your gorgeous wedding! Thank you for allowing us to share this special day with you! Also, congrats to having your Blue Heron Pines wedding photos and videos published! 

Amanda and Tom’s Wedding at Blue Heron Pines Golf Club