Top Reasons to Work With Us

Flexible Hours: All of our events are scheduled on weekends, so your work week is wide open for you. We also schedule you for events up to a year in advance, so you will always know when you have events coming up and they will not catch you by surprise. That being said, you can easily work for yourself and other studios simultaneously.

We Do All of the Planning: Leave the planning to us! All you have to do is show up and work. We set up all of the details with the clients. (For MCs we confirm the introductions and music request lists and for photographers/ videographers, we set-up the timeline and shot lists.) Our Event Coordinator carefully goes over everything with the bride and groom for their event! You will be well informed on where you will have to be and what you will need to do for all parts of the weddings.

No Editing: Don’t worry, our amazing graphic design team has got your back! There is no need for any post-event editing! After you are done shooting, you will not have to deal with editing every picture. All you have to do is upload your raw pictures to our server and our team of photo and video editors will take it from there.

We LOVE Customer Service: We sure do! Pre-event and post-event, our Event Coordinator will handle all of the customer service needs of the clients to make sure you are able to execute all of their requests. Besides the wedding day itself, we only require you to call the client on the Monday before the event to introduce yourself and to go over all of the details that we have prepared for you.

Production Work: We create and design everything that deals with your work so you do not have to worry about any of it. This includes all the video highlights, albums, loose prints, canvas prints, thank you cards, save the dates, etc.  

Marketing: No need for you to find your own work anymore. As one of the largest wedding companies in New Jersey, we always have work for you! We promote you to prospective clients so you don’t have to sell yourself. That’s right, no emailing, cold calling, or wondering if you will have work or not!

Get Featured on Our Website: Smile for the camera! Your face, a little bit about you, and your work will be featured on our website. This way, anyone looking to use Enchanted Celebrations will get to see what you can do for them and can request you personally.

Room for Advancement: You will have every opportunity to advance in the company. We love to hire in-house, so any entry level position will provide opportunities to move up.

Rewards: Being rewarded for doing what you love?! Yes, please! You can get pay raises based on your performance and feedback from our clients. Doing everything possible to make every couple’s day special has more incentive than just loving what you do!

Working for Happiness: Life’s too short to settle for a career that doesn’t bring you joy! You will have the opportunity to make money doing what you love. Not many people can say they made a career out of their passion!

Working with the Best: Just like our clients, you deserve the best, too! You will be colleagues with the most talented independent contractors in the region. You will get to work events with professionals who also love what they do and have the passion…just like you!

Diversity: Work with a diverse team of individuals. We hire based solely on qualifications, meaning that we have team members from every walk of life.

Work Around Your Area: We will try our best to schedule you for events that are near you. For example, if you live in North Jersey, we will try to schedule you in North Jersey most of the time. If you do have to travel more than 2 hours, you will be compensated accordingly (ask for details!).

Make a Difference in People’s Lives: Think about it…most people have dreamed about their perfect wedding since childhood, and you can help make that dream a reality for each and every couple! All event staff at a wedding fulfills an important role that is crucial for the event to exceed the clients’ expectations.

Never Stop Learning: In life, you learn something new every day! Here, you get to constantly improve on your current set of skills. You receive experience alongside the best of the best, which only makes you that much better at what you love to do. You also get to share your knowledge with your colleagues.

No Work on Major Holidays: You will not get scheduled for major holidays. Enjoy the time off! Also, on minor holidays where we do have events, you receive premium pay (ask for details!).

Culture: Become a part of the tight-knit culture at Enchanted Celebrations! It is a culture of passion, and striving to go above and beyond for the customer’s satisfaction.

Have Fun-Loving Colleagues: Having an encouraging and dedicated team behind you will only help you to perform better! Everyone you will work with is friendly, highly professional, and easy to work with.

Express Yourself Through Your Work: Everyone has their own style in what they do and create. Show off your unique style while working with us at Enchanted Celebrations!

We Strive For Excellence: You will never see any of our staff cutting corners or taking the easy way out. At every wedding, our staff make it their mission (and privilege!) to create unforgettable experiences for our couples.

Teamwork: You know what they say…team work makes the dream work! Everyone works as one harmonious team in order to succeed. At Enchanted Celebrations, we always strive to provide assistance to our team as fast as possible because we all have the mutual goal of making our client’s wedding dreams come true.

Award Winning: Bragging rights! You will be working with an award-winning company: Enchanted Celebrations. We consistently win the’s Bride Choice Award in every category in North and South Jersey as well as being in’s Hall of Fame for the Best of Weddings. Not to mention, earning positive reviews across all major websites.