Congratulations to Carly and Dave on their engagement! The couple plans to be married in June of 2017 at the Scotland Run Golf Club in Williamstown, NJ.

The excited young couple had a blast taking their engagement photos on the beach, where they wrote their wedding date in the sand and took beautiful kissing pictures beneath the sunset. They also held up a sign that reads “Be Our Guest” in several photos, emphasizing that they want their friends and family to come celebrate their love.

The photographer emphasized their passion by taking several different photos in different colors. There are beautiful black and white photos, one specifically shows Carly’s hands around Dave’s neck, emphasizing their love and highlighting her engagement ring.

The engagement photos also emphasize Carly and Dave’s young and fun side by taking engagement photos on the boardwalk. Photos range from sitting with their arms around each other on the pathway, standing in front of a Ferris wheel back-to-back, sitting on a bench with a painting in the background, and standing in front of a boardwalk food eatery.

All photos, whether goofy or passionate, highlight the love that this young couple has for each other, and their excitement to soon be husband and wife.

The couple decided to order an engagement photo album as well as an album from their actual wedding day in order to relive the memories of beginning their journey together. The couple plans to have multiple photographers and a videographer on their future wedding day.

The couple also hopes that their wedding will be a night that no one will forget, which is why they hired one of our wedding DJ’s and rented a photo booth for their guests to enjoy!
Congratulations Carly and Dave! We look forward to further working with you!Best Wedding Photographers