Lake Mohawk Country Club

Are you ready to see our Lake Mohawk Country Club wedding photos? First, check out Lauren and Richard’s fall wedding! Our photographers captured Lauren and her bridesmaids during bridal prep. Lauren looked stunning in her mermaid style gown, which popped beautifully against her bridesmaids blue dresses. Our photographers were also able to capture Richard as he got ready for his big day too. His groomsmen made sure his bowtie was perfectly straight before he headed to his ceremony. How exciting!

Our photographers were sure to the couple dancing together sweetly. They looked absolutely lovestruck as they moved across the dance floor. Our photographers also made sure to capture the beautiful venue behind them too. The string lights that were hanging from the ceiling accented the blue and peach colored flowers nicely. It made for a very soft and romantic atmosphere.

Next, check out Kara and Erik’s August wedding! Our photographers made sure to follow the couple onto the dock for some awesome shots with the water behind them. One of our favorite photos is of the couple together outside. They are standing on a stone bridge together, happy as can be. How adorable. Our photographers were also sure to photograph the couple together on the dance floor. The chandelier that hung above them glowed a soft yellow, which added to the romance. So sweet! It’s clear to see that our Lake Mohawk Country Club wedding photos capture those romantic vibes!

Lake Mohawk Country Club wedding photos

Lauren and Richard’s Wedding Videography at Lake Mohawk Country Club

  Congratulations to Lauren and Richard on their wedding! They got married on November 30th, 2019. We are obsessing over their beautiful video made by our Lake Mohawk Country Club wedding photos team! First and foremost, Lauren and her best girls got their hair and makeup done in preparation for the big day. They were able to unwind while getting ready with a bottle of bubbly in their silk bath robes. Soon after, Lauren got dressed into her gown, which…

Lake Mohawk Country Club Wedding

Kara and Erik’s Wedding Videography at Lake Mohawk Country Club

  Congratulations to Kara and Erik on their recent marriage! The two tied the knot on August 16th, 2019 at the Lake Mohawk Country Club in Sparta, NJ. Our videographers were there to capture every special moment of this Lake Mohawk Country Club Wedding.  First, Kara began her day prepping with her bridesmaids. She looked beautiful in a stunning white dress, while her bridesmaids matched in equally gorgeous pink dresses. Meanwhile, Erik was preparing for the special moment with his…

Tasha and Anthony’s Wedding Videography at Lake Mohawk Country Club

    Congratulations to these newlyweds! Tasha and Anthony got married at Lake Mohawk Country Club this past October. This waterfront wedding was the perfect way to bring in the fall season. With a final goodbye to summer, Tasha and Anthony said hello to their future together! To begin, Tasha was with her bridesmaids getting all dolled up together. She had her makeup done to perfection and her hair curled down her back. With the help of her bridesmaids, she…