Manahawkin Holiday Inn

Located only a couple of miles from LBI, The Manahawkin Holiday Inn is the perfect venue for your wedding! This venue offers high quality foods and beverages, and is also in a gorgeous location. Another fun perk to this venue, it that it is also an adventure park! Guests can enjoy and partake in activities such as ziplining, wall climbing, and more! How fun! Could this venue be any more perfect?

First, check out Ally and RJ’s fall wedding! Their wedding was stunning, and the location made it even better. Our photographers had a blast capturing this cute couple’s wedding, and their venue. One of our favorite shots is of the couple together, on the dance floor. The room had been decorated to fit the rustic and romantic theme. So beautiful! The Manahawkin Holiday Inn was the perfect spot for this couple!

Next, check out Jodie and Lance’s August wedding! This couple’s elegant wedding was so much fun for our photographers to capture. One of our favorite shots of the couple is of them in the gardens. Lance is twirling Jodie around like a princess. The green gardens are making Jodie pop in her white dress. Our photographers made sure to photograph their reception too! The yellow lighting and peach accents created a romantic and flirty atmosphere. How adorable!

Clearly, the Manahawkin Holiday Inn is a perfect venue for your wedding! Located just miles from LBI, this shore-to-please venue will prove to be an amazing backdrop to your wedding photos.

The Mainland wedding photos

Lisa and Jim’s Wedding Videography at The Mainland at Holiday Inn

  Congratulations to Lisa and Jim on their beautiful fall wedding! They celebrated at The Mainland at The Holiday Inn in Manhawkin, NJ. On October 27th, 2019, our The Mainland Wedding videos team filmed their incredible memories! To begin, their video showed scenes of the morning preparations for both the bride and groom. Firstly, Lisa was adding the finishing accessories to her wedding day glam like sparkly earrings and bracelet! Meanwhile, Jim had on a navy suit and was looking…

the mainland wedding photos

Alisha and Tom’s Wedding Videography at The Mainland at Holiday Inn

  Congratulations, Alisha and Tom, on your beautiful wedding! Last November 2nd, Alisha and Tom married at the Mainland at Holiday Inn, Manahawkin. It was an honor to join these lovebirds in creating the Mainland wedding photos and video! Full of laughter and silly antics, Alisha’s morning began. Before the wedding, Alisha hung out with her bridesmaids and drank mimosas while wearing their cool, party shades. Then Alisha went off to step into her beautiful dress.  Just before the ceremony,…

the mainland wedding videos

Christina and Wayne’s Wedding Videography at The Mainland at Holiday Inn

  Congratulations to Christina and Wayne on their wedding! They celebrated their day on October 19th, 2019 at The Mainland. With The Mainland wedding videos, memories of your special day are one click away. Christina and Wayne’s wedding day was full of memories. The two, of course, started their day with daily preparations. Each were surrounded by family and friends to ensure that they looked their best (and they sure did!). Bridesmaids helped Christina into her beautiful wedding dress, while…

Kelli and Chris’ Wedding Videography at The Mainland at Holiday Inn

    Congratulations to Kelli and Chris on their beautiful wedding! This couple tied the knot on June 9, 2018 at the Manahawkin Holiday Inn and their family and friends came to celebrate with them on this gorgeous day! The day began with Kelli getting pampered with her bridesmaids and Chris preparing with his groomsmen. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured both the bride and groom patiently waiting to become husband and wife. Now that Kelli and Chris were dressed and…

Noemi and Matt’s Wedding Videography at the Mainland at Holiday Inn

Congratulations to Noemi and Matt on the spectacular wedding at the Manahawkin Holiday Inn in Manahawkin, NJ. Full of family, friends and our favorite traditions, this wedding was a perfect celebration of love. As the ceremony began Matt, with his groomsmen aside him, waited patiently for his future wife to make her way down the aisle. Just by seeing Matt’s face you could see that this was the greatest day of his life. Escorted by her father, Noemi made her…