Meet our Spotlight Client of the month, Carlie and Stephen! Their future wedding celebration will take place at Downington Country Club on April 17th, 2020. We absolutely loved their beer-inspired engagement photo shoot, so we cannot wait for their big day. In the meantime, let’s read about how these two college sweethearts fell in love!

Their Love Story

“Our story began in 2015 at Shippensburg University. We were both in our senior year and both Accounting majors. Stephen finally officially introduced himself to Carlie and we realized we had a lot more in common than just our major. There were sparks right away! After our first date with a selfie scavenger hunt the rest was history! It seemed odd to many that we would start dating right before we graduated. However, we both knew that while we didn’t find each other sooner during our college careers, we found each other when we were meant to. On November 23, 2018, Stephen recreated our first date with new memories and got done on one knee! Now years later we went from Ship U to I Do!”

Fun facts!

“We are having our signature drink be Shippensburg theme as well as our after party! 🙂 Also, I am a dancer and Stephen agreed to do some dance photos during our engagement shoot. Which is why you see the dancing in the rain ones!”
How adorable are these two?! A huge thank you to Carlie and Stephen for letting us feature you as our spotlight client of the month! Congratulations, again, on your engagement!