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Congratulations to Elizabeth and Corey on their summer wedding at Mendenhall Inn in Pennsylvania! The happy couple tied the knot on August 24th, 2019. Our best wedding videographers PA were there to capture every blissful moment.

First, the bride and groom prepared for first looks. Elizabeth slipped into her gorgeous lacy dress while Corey adjusted his black bow tie. The pair looked classically beautiful. Heather stunned Corey when he saw her. Our best wedding videographers PA were stunned too. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her and she couldn’t stop smiling in return. She held a lovely red and blue flower bouquet. Next, they danced on the gorgeous green grass in the courtyard until it was time for the ceremony. Elizabeth and her bridesmaids walked along the grass in matching sage dresses. Meanwhile, Corey and his handsome groomsmen walked along the rustic train tracks.

Elizabeth and Corey held hands at the altar and exchanged their vows. Finally, the officiant implored the groom to kiss the bride. They embraced with a perfect kiss and walked back up the aisle as husband and wife. The wedding party tossed white rose petals around them. Then, it was officially time to party! The sun set on their ceremony and the moon began to rise on their evening reception.

Our best wedding videographers PA made sure to film Elizabeth and Corey’s grand entrance to their reception. Corey surprised the entire wedding party with a moonwalk! As a result, Elizabeth burst into laughter. Then, everyone followed suit and jumped on the dance floor. Multicolored lights flooded the venue. At long last, the entire wedding party danced the wild night away.

Congratulations, again, to Elizabeth and Corey on their August wedding! Thank you for welcoming our best wedding videographers PA to the beautiful story of your family.