Meet our Spotlight Client of the month, Corinne and Giuseppe! This cute couple will be tying the knot next month on May 7th, 2021 at El Caribe Country Club Caterers (we can’t wait!). Let’s head to the city and check out their modern engagement session photos posted on our blog. NYC how we missed you!

Their Love Story

“Giuseppe and I met on! My best friend finally convinced me to create an account after telling me about how many people at her office met their spouse on Match. Within one week, I met Giuseppe! I usually never let a date pick me up (I like to have my car with me just in case I need an escape route), but I let him pick me up; I knew there was something special about him. And guess what: my intuition was right! From the second I got in his car, I felt a sense of relief because I knew I would never have to go on a first date again! We had an amazing dinner (that neither one of us wanted to finish), and then he dropped me back off. That night, I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life!”

What an adorable story! We could read about their love story forever (and look at their engagement photos too!)! Thank you to Corinne and Giuseppe for allowing us to feature them as our Client Spotlight this month! Less than one month until your wedding day! So excited!