Congratulations to this couple, Susana and Fermin, on celebrating Fermin’s Match Day for medical school! For Fermin, this important day represented the hospital he would be matched with for his residency. On March 15th, 2019, this memorable Match Day event took place at Temple University.

First, our PA Wedding Videographer captured Susana reading a heartfelt letter she wrote to him. You could hear it in her voice how proud she was of this huge accomplishment for him. As Fermin was incredibly anxious to finally become  a doctor, Susana stuck by his side, supported his passion, and believed he could reach his dreams! His work ethic showed how meant-to-be becoming a doctor would be for him. 

During the Match Day event, our PA Wedding Videographer filmed the two of them opening his letter with his match results at Denver Health Medicine. The couple took photos holding the letter and a sign that read where his next stop was in Denver, CO. Thanks to our PA Wedding Videographer, the emotions from this day will be cherished forever!

Congratulations, again, Fermin! We wish you all of the success and happiness in this new adventure for you and Susana. Next stop: Denver!