Wedding Photography Cost in NJ

Survey Time!

With the amount of expenses that go into the cost of your wedding day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! If photography is high-priority on your expense list, then you are in luck! Recently, we found an awesome survey for couples to take together on Ultimately, this survey will not only give couples an estimate on the overall cost of their wedding, but even a breakdown of individual service pricing like wedding photography cost in NJ!

Let’s Get Down To Business

Wedding Photography Cost in NJ

At Enchanted Celebrations, we understand that every little detail of your big day requires budgeting and careful attention. That’s why we mean business! Our photography packages and all other flexible promotional offers come tailored to fit your budget and style. As that expense list is seeming to pile up on you, is here to do all the estimating for you!

So, What Are The Factors?

Wedding Photography Cost in NJ

Of course, photography is just one service that influences the total cost of your wedding. Whether it be a winter or summer wedding, your guest list plays a significant role. For example, the survey notes the difference in the wedding photography cost in NJ for a small vs. a larger wedding. For a small wedding amounting to around $25,000, a photographer would be roughly $1,900. Meanwhile, for a larger wedding costing around $63,000, a photographer would be about $2,400. As the average cost of a professional wedding photographer is around $2,500, both prices are not too far off from the national average!

In addition, factors like extra coverage, first looks, special prints, canvases, and even an engagement session affect your totals. Also, there’s no such thing as having too many photos, right?! A photo booth is a fun addition that will enhance your reception experience and could be worth budgeting for. Lastly, your wedding photos all need a home of their own, of course! Wedding albums are designed to be cherished for a lifetime to come and shared with your loved ones. But before you can have all your beautiful photos to look back on, it’s survey time!

Survey Says…

Wedding Photography Cost in NJ

Now’s your chance to see what the survey says for your own wedding. After you answer the questions, we hope you will find that the wedding photography cost in NJ is one worthy expense you’ll put to great use in some way!

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