Do I Need Two Wedding Photographers?By: Alex Karas

A question almost as old as to have a band vs. DJ is now, to have one or two wedding photographers. This phenomenon to add extra shooters on the wedding came up by the very different types of styles of wedding photographers that customers have to choose from. Therefore, most brides think that in order to have various styles on their wedding day they need two photographers; one to shoot traditional and the other to shoot photojournalistic. This cannot be farther from the truth! A seasoned wedding photographer will be able to transition from traditional to photojournalistic and back again with just a few clicks of the camera.

Not to say that a second shooter cannot be useful, below are a few examples when it can be worth the extra charge.

1. Bride/Groom Preparation: If the bride and groom both want preparation pictures and it is not logistically possible for one shooter to do both.

2. Large Venue: If the church and/or reception hall is just too big for one shooter to cover to get all of the family/guests pictures. A second shooter can be used to stay with the family and the primary photographer can stay with the bridal party.

3. Large Guest Attendance: Normally if a wedding is over 200 guests and getting family and group shots are important to the bride and groom a second shooter can be added. As a standard, per 100 guests there should be 1 shooter to cover everything that takes place.

(Bride’s Spoiler – Watch Out)

Now, let’s say you really need (want) a second shooter, think of your after wedding take home – your album. Most NJ wedding packages include a 20 or 40 page flush mount album in the package. As a standard, 20 page albums can only be graphically designed (to not look cluttered) with 60-80 images and 40 page albums can only be graphically designed to have 100-120 images. A skilled wedding photographer on a full day shoot will have just over 700 images. That means with two shooters they will have a combined minimum of 1,4000 images. Whether you have 700 or 1,400 you still only have so much room in your album. Before allowing your prospective photographer, talk it over with your fiancé to see it you really need one and if you are going to use those pictures in your wedding album.

Alex Karas is a full-time wedding industry entrepreneur in Manahawkin, NJ. He is the owner/operator of a wedding services company, Enchanted Celebrations. To learn more about wedding planning and tips you can visit his website at or contact him directly at