More congratulations are in order for Elisabeth and Phillip! Their wedding took place on April 20th, 2019 at the Front and Palmer in Philadelphia, PA. Our Top PA Wedding Photographers were there to capture every moment of this fantastic celebration. The experts at couldn’t help but agree, as their wedding has been published! 

Big Day Made is a website that specializes on helping you with your wedding inspiration. They feature plenty of content catered towards helping you with your big day, with posts on vendors, venues, DJ’s florist’s and plenty more! Even some of our Top PA Wedding Photographers have been featured in these categories, an honor we’re truly grateful for! Elisabeth and Phillip’s wedding post focused on the couples’ romantic and beautifully decorated wedding, one we were lucky enough to capture! 

Elisabeth wore a beautiful white dress with perfect jewelry and floral head garment to match, while her bridesmaids wore stellar green dresses . Meanwhile, Phillip was wearing a dashing blue suit and bow tie combo with his groomsmen matching in similar outfits. After sharing an emotional first look, the two lovebirds made their way down the aisle. Then, the lovers shared their “I Do’s” and capped it off with a first kiss as husband and wife! It was a simply magical scene, with our Top PA Wedding Photographers there every step of the way! Afterwards, the lovers and guests made their way to the venue to celebrate. The scenery was magnificent, featuring perfect lighting and decorations! With love and happiness in the air, the guests danced the night away!       

Congratulations, once again, to Elisabeth and Phillip on their wedding! We hope you had as much fun as we did! For more on Elisabeth and Phillip’s wedding check it out here: 

Elisabeth and Phillip’s Wedding at Front and Palmer