Adam and Alex’s Wedding at Mercer Oaks

Event Date: October 23, 2015

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Congratulations to Adam and Alex on their marriage! Adam and Alex’s wedding was dramatically beautiful as they paid a homage to the operatic classic of Phantom of the Opera in the most romantic and stunning way possible as they tied the knot at the Mercer Oaks Golf Club in Princeton Junction, NJ.

The stage is set and the mood is just right for Adam and Alex to unite themselves through marriage. The ceremony took place on a patio outside with the picturesque backdrop of the golf course and lake, accented by the beautiful autumn leaves and sunset which our NJ Wedding Photographer took advantage of. The ceremony was emotional and lighthearted. Many laughs were shared between the loving couple as they professed their vows to one another, which evoked a warm and charming aroma during the ceremony.

This mood was carried over to the reception where red embellishments accented the space to bring their dramatic and romantic theme to life, especially through their outstanding wedding cake. Adam and Alex’s Phantom of the Opera themed wedding cake was  three white box shaped tiers with black rims and lace details, accented by fresh cut red roses and a handmade edible phantom mask on the top. Candles and masks also adorned each table to evoke the phantom like feeling of the couple’s favorite musical.

The phantom’s presence did not keep these energetic guests from dancing the night away on the dance floor to some great DJ mixes and fun party lights to really get a club like atmosphere going. Guests really enjoyed the fun, exciting and loving mood of the whole day, as did we.

We were honored to have been a part of this very special day. Congratulations again, Adam and Alex!

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