Allison and Theodore’s Wedding at the Flander’s Hotel

Event Date: September 30, 2017

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Congratulations to Allison and Theodore on their new marriage! These two said their “I-Do’s” on September 30th at the lovely Flander’s Hotel, located in Ocean City, New Jersey. Friends and Family gathered from all over to celebrate this joyous occasion!

Allison spent her morning with her beautiful family and bridal party. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to capture some beautiful moments and portraits. The ladies all wore matching silk, floral robes as they were prepping for the big day ahead! The bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their green gowns with their hair and makeup done to perfection. They all came together to help Allison slip into her amazing, white, laced wedding dress. Her makeup came out beautiful and her hair was pulled back in a low bun with a lovely braid on the side. Once her dress was buttoned and all the ladies were ready, it was now time to send Allison off to share a first-look with her future husband, Theodore.

Theodore, joined by his groomsmen, spent their morning settling their nerves and preparing for the special day ahead. The men looked very handsome in their navy blue suits and matching green bow ties. 

Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to capture the magical first-look between Allison and Theodore. The love between these two was evident in that special moment. 

Afterwards, the wedding party and family joined together for some lovely portraits on the Ocean City beach. 

The ceremony took place on the beach on a beautiful Fall day. With the weather on their side and as the sun began to set, Allison and Theodore vowed their love to each other and sealed their marriage with a kiss as friends and family celebrated the exciting moment!

After the ceremony, guests gathered at the Flander’s Hotel to celebrate all night! The party lasted all night! Our NJ Wedding Photographer was at the reception to capture some amazing memories throughout the night! Everyone had an amazing time! 

Congratulations again to Allison and Theodore! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day! We wish you a lifetime of health, love, and happiness!