Amanda and Eric’s Wedding at The Bradford Estate

Event Date: October 4, 2020

Bradford Estate wedding photos

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Congratulations to Amanda and Eric on their beautiful wedding! The lovely couple tied the knot On October 4th 202o at The Bradford Estate. Their grand Bradford Estate wedding photos turned out absolutely wonderful and captured all of the magic on their special day!

First, the day began with Amanda and her bridesmaids getting ready. They popped open a fresh bottle of champagne to celebrate this special day! There was lots of laughter and happiness in the room. Amanda then slipped in to her gorgeous lace wedding gown with the help of her bridal party. They say it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding. The lovely couple shared a moment together before the ceremony by holding hands while each standing behind a door as to not see each other.

Then, the magic continued with Amanda and Eric’s beautiful ceremony. It took place in the gardens, where all of their guests would be surrounded by beautiful flowers and sunshine! Emotions were high as the couple exchanged their vows, and were finally pronounced husband and wife! After their ceremony, Amanda and Eric were joined by friends and family for more beautiful Bradford Estate wedding photos.

Finally, it was time for the reception! The Bradford Estate was decorated beautifully! In the middle of the dance floor a table was reserved for the newly married couple. The table had a light up sign that read “love”…how adorable! The night started off with Amanda and Eric’s first dance. This was then followed by a mother/son dance. Afterwards, friends and family shared toasts, laughter, and joined in on the celebrations that took place over the course of the evening! What a wonderful night! 

Congratulations to Amanda and Eric on their special day! The Bradford Estate wedding photos really captured the magic!

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