Amanda and Shannon’s Wedding at Union Trust

Amanda and Shannon’s Wedding at Union Trust

Event Details:


Date: November 9, 2018

Names: Amanda & Shannon

Venue: Union Trust

Congratulations to Amanda and Shannon on their recent marriage! This celebration was held on November 9, 2018 at Union Trust in, in Philadelphia. 

Amanda’s color scheme for her wedding consisted of burgundy and blush dresses for her beautiful bridesmaids. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the detail in Amanda’s bouquet which consisted of red, white and red roses. Once Amanda’s final touches were in place her father was invited into the room for her first look reveal. Overcome by emotion our NJ Wedding Photographer captured this touching moment. Amanda and her bridal party raised their glasses sharing a last moment together before making their way to the ceremony. 

At the beautiful ceremony guests were all smiles as they filed into the church. Shannon couldn’t of been happier to see his beautiful bride make her way down the aisle. Surrounded by their loved ones Amanda and Shannon exchanged their lifelong vows to one another. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there for their first kiss making sure to capture the perfect moment. 

Before heading to the reception the Amanda and Shannon took some time to pose for some portraits with our NJ Wedding Photographer. The newlyweds were met by applause, making their grand entrance at the top of the indoor balcony. From the first dance, to the speeches this night couldn’t of been more perfect. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there from start to finish making sure every priceless moment was captured. 

Congratulations again to Amanda and Shannon on their fairy-tale wedding! We wish you a lifetime of love and success!