Barbara and Peter’s Wedding at Calloway’s Restaurant

Event Date: December 20, 2020

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Congratulations to Barbara and Peter on their wedding! We are so happy our photographers could capture your day for you. Now, you can look back at your NJ wedding photos you have forever.

First, the day began with both parties getting ready. Barbara and her girls got all dolled up in bathrooms and bedrooms. They had matching floral robes and were all pitching in to make Barbara’s day perfect. Barbara slipped on her beautiful white gown and headed downstairs. Meanwhile, Peter and his boys were suited up. They all put on their tuxes and suits and finished off their looks with beautiful boutonnieres. Next, Barbara emerged from the stairs and needless to say, Peter was speechless.

After they shared a sweet moment in their home, it was off to Calloway’s Restaurant. They took some beautiful NJ wedding photos against the water before heading inside to for their ceremony. The bridesmaids and groomsmen made their way in with Barbara following behind. Their wedding had beautiful hints of red and green flowers that really fit the season they were in, even the bridesmaids were in green!

Next, Barbara and Peter’s loved ones watched as they tied the knot. The couple exchanged their vows before sealing it with a kiss. Thankfully, they have NJ wedding photos to look back on that one moment forever. After the ceremony, it was time to celebrate over laughter and food. Our photographers snapped some more photos with everyone there, how sweet! Finally, the night ended with everyone indulging and having a great time. Then, they were off to their new future together.

Congratulations again to Barbara and Peter on their wedding! We are so happy our photographers were there to capture some great photos for you. We hope you love your NJ wedding photos forever and always!

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