Zarna and Rashmin’s Wedding at Hindu Community Center

Zarna and Rashmin’s Wedding at Hindu Community Center

Event Details:


Date: May 19, 2019

Names: Zarna & Rashmin

Venue: Hindu Community Center

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple, Zarna and Rashmin! They had a beautiful and traditional wedding ceremony at the Hindu Community Center during their fun-filled wedding weekend. Our best of weddingwire nj wedding photographers was there all through the day to capture their traditions before making their marriage official. 

At last, the hours were ticking down towards the big day! Zarna and Rashmin have just one more day left before the reception. First, the day started off with a traditional Hindu ceremony. The couple was surrounded by their dear friends and family as laughter, love, and celebration filled the room. The two were dressed in detailed and colorful outfits and wore yellow and orange leis around their neck. Their family even had gorgeous henna tattoos to match with their outfits.

Afterwards, they took part in religious face painting and gathered to pray. Next on the agenda was the performance of the Aarti. Afterwards, it was time to serve and enjoy a delicious feast! Friends and family of the couple were enthusiastic throughout the ceremonies as the day continued on. Our best of weddingwire nj wedding photographers documented the emotions and anticipation shared as time inched closer and closer to the wedding day!  Finally, the couple went outside to finish off their final festivities for the day. Of course, our best of weddingwire nj wedding photographers will also be back for all the final ceremonies that will performed on the final day of the wedding! 

We cannot wait for Zarna and Rashmin to finally tie the knot! Overall, thank you again for letting is be part of your special day!

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