Christina and Matt’s Wedding at The Venetian

Event Date: September 21, 2018

Christina and Matt’s Wedding at The Venetian

Congratulations to Christina and Matt on their big day! These newlyweds got married at the Venetian in Garfield, NJ. With a venue as stunning as the couple, this wedding was surely one to remember!

The day started off with Christina and Matt preparing for their big day! Family and friends of the bride and groom were all hands on deck to help them get ready! Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the bride’s stunning dress that hung in the window as she wore a white sink robe before slipping into the gown. Down the hall, Matt was ready to go, just a quick fasten of the cuff links before heading to the ceremony!

Loved ones gathered into the church to watch this couple marry at the alter. Matt watched as his stunning bride gracefully walked down the aisle and Christina was all smiles as she saw the love of her life standing at the front of the church. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there for both of these unforgettable moments! This so in love couple held hands as they read their vows to one another and slipped the wedding rings on each others fingers. After the “I do’s” were said, the guests cheered and they sealed their marriage with a passionate kiss! At last, it was time to celebrate for the remainder of the night! 

Their guests cheered outside as the newlyweds passed by. They snuck off to the venue to get a few shots with our NJ Wedding Photographer before the reception started. Once inside The Venetian, everyone enjoyed the ice sculpture, which stored wine bottles over at the bar! After the bridal party announcements, Christina and Matt took center stage for their first dance! Afterwards, they grabbed a seat at their extravagant sweetheart table to hear the best man and maid-of-honor both gave speeches! Following dinner, the dance floor was back all night long!  

Congratulations again, to Christina and Matt on their recent marriage! We wish you a lifetime full of happiness and love. 

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