Gabrielle and James’ Wedding at The Hamilton Manor

Event Date: March 6, 2020

Hamilton Manor Wedding Photos
Gabrielle and James’ Wedding at The Hamilton Manor

Congratulations to Gabrielle and James on their March log cabin wedding! This lovely duo kicked off spring and celebrated their special day at The Hamilton Manor in Hamilton Township, NJ. Their Hamilton Manor Wedding Photos turned out beautifully thanks to its talented photography team. 

First, the day started off with the bride prep! Gabrielle’s mother and bridesmaids assisted her with her hair and makeup. She looked absolutely breathtaking in her all white dress! The bridesmaids all wore matching dark red wine dresses. Everyone looked absolutely beautiful! Later, the girls all got together to take portrait shots; they were the perfect addition to Gabrielle and James’ Hamilton Manor Wedding Photos!

Meanwhile, James was getting ready with the groomsmen. His mother and father helped him get ready as well! You could see the happiness in their eyes. He looked extremely handsome in his all black tuxedo, black dress shoes, and white bow tie. 

Next, it was time for the wedding! Gabrielle walked up the aisle with her father. She looked like the happiest girl in the world! After the vows were said, the two shared a big kiss as they walked back down the aisle to start their lives together. The room was overjoyed with many emotions!

Finally, it was time for the reception! The party started as Gabrielle and James walked in with their friends and families; the ballroom turned into a complete dance party! Thankfully, these Hamilton Manor Wedding Photos captured the best moments of their day! Then, Gabrielle and James shared another quick kiss as they cut their delicious white two-tier cake. It was the perfect way to end the evening!

Congratulations to Gabrielle and James on their wedding at The Hamilton Manor! Above all, their Hamilton Manor Wedding Photos captured every moment of this lovely couple’s special day. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!

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