Kristin and Samuel’s Wedding at the Olde Mill Inn and Grain House

Event Date: November 2, 2018

Kristin and Samuel’s Wedding at the Olde Mill Inn and Grain House

Congratulations to Kristin and Samuel on their beautiful November 2018 wedding! The lovely couple officially became husband and wife at the Olde Mill Inn and Grain House.

First, Kristin started her magical day getting pampered like a princess! Her hair and makeup were done beautifully, and our NJ Wedding Photographer caught glimpses of the bride getting dolled up for her big day. Meanwhile, Samuel was doing some freshening up as well for his lucky girl. After the finishing touches were made, it was finally the time to tie the knot!

Second, the ceremony was breathtaking and filled with vibrant pops of color.  The bridesmaids wore stunning gowns with adorable fur shawls to keep warm from the chilly November air.  After everything was in order, Kristin was escorted by her dad down the aisle. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to enhance the celebration with memories that will last a lifetime!  After the two officially married, it was time to celebrate at the ceremony! 

Third, the reception was one to remember at the Old Mill Inn and Grain House. After the bride and groom made toasts, it was time to dance and enjoy the night!  Family and friends partied and enjoyed delicious food all night long. Lastly, our NJ Wedding Photographer caught some of the families awesome dance moves on camera. 

Congratulations once again to Kristin and Samuel. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together! 



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