Melissa and Mike’s Wedding at Smithville Inn

Melissa and Mike’s Wedding at Smithville Inn

Event Details:


Date: September 15, 2018

Names: Melissa & Mike

Venue: Smithville Inn

Congratulations to Melissa and Mike on their recent wedding! These two were wed on September 15th 2018 at Smithville Inn in Galloway NJ.

The detailed bride and bridesmaid dresses hung beautifully in the windowsill. First, Melissa wore a red flannel that read “Bride” on the back while her bridesmaids all wore matching flannels as well. Behind the scenes, our  NJ Wedding Photographer captured the girls out front as they cheered with mimosas! Finally, Melissa slipped into her gown and had a beautiful first look with her father. Once her earrings were on and her shoes were fastened, she was ready to go! 

At the church ceremony, friends and family found their seats as the main event was about to begin! The bridal party linked arms with their partners and walked down the aisle. Everyone was all smiles as Melissa met her prince charming up at the front. Before they knew it, they were officially pronounced husband and wife. They went dancing hand and hand back down the aisle! 

Finally, the couple was with our  NJ Wedding Photographer as they took photos all around the Smithville village, including the Barn, on the carousel, and on the bridge!  Next, they put on their shades and made their way center stage of the dance floor at the reception! It was easy to tell that love was in the air that day and everyone around the lovely couple were so happy to be there. After speeches were made and the cake was cut, the dance floor quickly filled up as our NJ Wedding DJ  got the party started! 

Congratulations, again, to Melissa and Mike. We wish you many more special days together!