Michaela and DJ’s Engagement Session

Michaela and DJ’s Engagement Session

Event Details:


Date: November 1, 2019

Names: Michaela & DJ

Venue: Farmstead Golf and Country Club

Congratulations to Michaela and DJ on their engagement! The couple will tie the knot on November 1st, 2019 at Farmstead Golf and Country Club. Our best engagement photographers in north jersey captured their engagement photos! 

To begin, the couple walked onto the beach and took photos with their adorable dog! As Michaela and DJ smiled and kissed, their pup couldn’t help but to smile, too! Afterwards, the couple took their shoes off to walk further to the ocean. They stopped to rest on a log and admired the clear, blue water. They held each other tight and shared soft kisses as our best engagement photographers in north jersey captured these moments! 

After changing outfits, it was golden hour! Meghan wore a white lace dress and DJ wore a teal shirt as they walked on the boardwalk in the warm light. The nature that surrounded them really completed these photos! They laughed, smiled, and danced under the sun as our best engagement photographers in north jersey took portraits. 

We are looking forward to joining you this fall to help make your wedding day memorable! With the help from our amazing team, their will be plenty of more beautiful photos to keep forever! 

Once again, congratulation Michaela and DJ! We are so excited to celebrate with you!