Nicole and Jason’s Wedding at The Bradford Estate

Event Date: November 24, 2017

Nicole and Jason’s Wedding at The Bradford Estate

We want to congratulate Nicole and Jason on their marriage this past November. This beautiful couple celebrated their big day at The Bradford Estate in Hainesport, NJ. Overall, the venue was extraordinary in showcasing every moment of the magic.

Before Nicole slipped on her elegant white lace wedding dress, she posed for a picture with a bottle of champagne! She kept her makeup simple yet beautiful to go with the detail in her dress. Her mother gracefully placed a gorgeous gold necklace across her neck for the finishing touch. While she was getting ready, Jason was dressing up in his gray tux and bright orange boutonniere in a room close by.  The boutonniere complemented Nicole’s vibrant bouquet of orange, maroon, and deep purple flowers.

The happy couple was all set for their close -ups! The groomsmen and bridal party dressed in royal blue to gather around the lovers to take pictures for a first look. Jason’s contagious smile lit up the pictures as he saw his bride-to-be in her dress for the first time. With a meticulous attention to every detail, our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the candid and joyful emotions beside the stunning outdoorsy landscape.

After the outdoor photography session, Nicole and Jason made their way into the ceremony to officially tie the knot. Nicole shows off the back of her long dress as soon as she walks in with her groom right by her side. The lovely couple exchanged their vows and walked down the aisle to get the party started!

The dance floor was finally open! The NJ Wedding DJ was eager to get the crowd on their feet all night long. Every guest was happy to be a part of an iconic wedding experience and the start of a new chapter for the newlyweds.

Congratulations, again to Nicole and Jason. In conclusion, we wish you abundant love and happiness in your future together! 

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