Rachel and Fred’s Wedding at Atlantis Ballroom

Event Date: December 2, 2018

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Congratulations to this adorable couple, Rachel and Fred! They celebrated their December wedding night at Atlantis Ballroom Toms River Hotel.

First, Rachel had a busy fun-filled morning with her bridesmaids prepping her for the big day! After her hair was tied in perfect curls, she was ready for her close-ups with everyone! Meanwhile, Fred put on his gray suit and attached his flower boutonniere to it. At last, our NJ Wedding Photographer was eager to unite the couple and capture their first look!

Fred waited for Rachel to spin him around so he could see her dressed up before their ceremony! This special moment took place by a beautifully decorated Christmas tree lined with poinsettias at the bottom. Afterwards, the ceremony room was packed and guests anticipated the moment they would become newlyweds! Our NJ Wedding Photographer had the best time taking pictures of the alter scene and the entrances down the aisle. After the couple was officially wed, they were off to go celebrate at the Atlantis Ballroom!

Guests took their ballroom seats as they waited for Rachel and Fred to make their grand entrance. After being announced as husband and wife, they shared their memorable first dance! Above all, the room was decorated with ambient purple lighting that matched the bridesmaid gowns, florals, and more. The celebration was made unforgettable with the special speeches and party songs. Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographer was so happy to be there for it all!

Congratulations once again to Rachel and Fred. Thanks for letting our family at Enchanted Celebrations celebrate with yours!


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