Rashonda and Timakai’s Westwood wedding photos

Event Date: April 30, 2021

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Congratulations to Rashonda and Timakai on their alluring wedding! This perfect pair joined as husband and wife on April 18th, 2021 at The Westwood in Garwood, NJ. These Westwood wedding photos are truly impressive and sensational. 

The day began with preparations for the big day. Timakai started getting himself ready before being accompanied by his best men and mom to help with the final touches. After getting ready, our photographers were able to capture some portraits of Timakai patiently waiting with a gleaming smile on his face. From these Westwood wedding photos, we were able to feel Timakai’s excitement about marrying his lovely bride.

On the other hand, Rashonda prepared for the big day with her mother and three lovely bridesmaids. Rashonda wore a gorgeous strapless mermaid dress with a long train following behind her. The bride and her bridal party were then photographed together and they looked absolutely breathtaking. Before heading to the ceremony, Roshonda took pictures with an elegant vintage car then headed into a luxurious white limousine that transported her to the ceremony.

The ceremony was filled with 175 of Rashonda and Timakai’s loved ones. The bridesmaids wore beautiful lavender dresses as the best men wore charcoal suits with matching lavender ties. After the bridal party was introduced, Rashonda and Timakai joined to exchange their vows, seal the deal with a kiss, and then exited the room as husband and wife. The newlyweds left the room with huge smiles radiating off their faces then snuck off to capture more pictures together.

After the ceremony, it was time for the reception! At this time Rashonda had switched into her second dress of the night. Once again, Rashonda looked as beautiful as ever. Rashonda and Timakai then gathered to cut their pink floral cake before heading to the dance floor. Together, as husband and wife, Rashonda and Timakai really started the party on the dance floor. Everyone appeared to be having a really great time celebrating the bride and groom in these Westwood wedding photos.

From our team at Enchanted Celebrations to the bride and groom, we wish you a wonderful life together, full of lots of laughs, smiles, and many more dances together. Congratulations Rashonda and Timakai! Check out these Westwood wedding photos below!